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Runtime=1hours, 55 min. Genre=Drama. review=Blind Eyes Opened is a movie starring Brook Susan Parker. A Christian documentary diving into the sex trafficking industry in the US exposing the darkness that fuels demand, highlighting survivors' transformations through Christ. Actors=Brook Susan Parker. liked it=28 Vote. Watch Blind Eyes Opened (2020) Full Movie Online In Reddit For Free Blind Eyes Opened (2020) A Christian documentary diving into the sex trafficking industry in the US exposing the darkness that fuels demand, highlighting survivors' transformations through Christ, and showing Christ as the hope for all involved. Date: Fri, Jan 24 • 7:00 AM GMT+6 Source Location: GQT Savoy 16 IMAX, Savoy, Illinois, United States.

Download Blind Eyes Opened Full Movie Watch Blind Eyes Opened movie watch Online Watch blind eyes opened Online Mediafire. Free online blind eyes opened images. First |Prev| Next Prologue The silver Partisan-class escort cut its twin torch drives and engaged antigrav as it entered the atmosphere of Dididi-Dididi-Dididi. The trail of red fire that had followed it dissipated. Swooping down gracefully it quickly circled the capital city before coming to a landing on the starpad of an outstretched balcony. The balcony starpad was the VIP entrance of the Hall of Unity, Integration and Amalgamation. The pyramid-tipped edifice of purple stone and tinted black windows stretched up into the sky and loomed over the rest of the city below. It was the tallest building in the city by law, statute, and common custom. Charlotte Banks looked at the depressing grey sky through the perfectly transparent windows of the starship and sighed. She rose from the co-pilot's chair. Stross was already standing, rooting around in one of the supply cabinets. He tossed her a pair of nose plugs. Banks caught them in the air and looked at them in her hand. They were clear gel and full of spiraled up silver wire. "You sure? " she asked. "This would be a fantastic excuse to go in suited up. " "We're here to deescalate the situation, " said Stross. "Arriving in battle armor is not going to give the right impression. " Banks shrugged and put the plugs in her nose. The silver threads unraveled themselves and traveled down her airway into her lungs. It immediately began to oxygenate her blood directly. Banks sniffed. She always had trouble not breathing for the first few seconds before her mind adjusted. "Ready? " asked Stross. "I'm going to open the hatch. " "Go for it, " said Banks, now comfortably not breathing. With a hiss the hatch slid open and the two cloaked humans exited the silver twin-engined starship. Banks pulled her green hood up against the biting alien winds, her curly black hair just barely peeking out around the edges. The rangers walked along the length of the balcony and up to the deliberately imposing entrance to the Hall. Three gug-gug-gugs stood guard. The gug-gug-gug's naked skin was yellow-orange and wrinkled. They lacked heads separate from their torsos. Instead they had three-sided bodies, resembling lumpen pyramids, and each side had its own eye and mouth. Attached to the edges of their bodies were three limbs ending in an appendage something between a human hand and a foot that could easily serve as either. Each had three grasping finger-thumbs arranged in an even triangle formation. They were relatively small, about 2/3 the height of an adult human, but incredibly dense. Most fully grown gug-gug-gugs weighed twice as much as their equivalent human counterpart. Banks could never get over their mouths. They had lipless but still unnervingly human mouths. It was the teeth and the tongues, she decided. All three were armed with the usual gug-gug-gug chemical slugthrowers, primitive firearms that used literal explosions to inelegantly fire projectiles at low speeds but high volumes. They were completely useless against a personal shield. "Zat! Zat! Zat! " yelled the middle guard. "State your name, allegiance and purpose! " "I am Ian Stross. This is Charlotte Banks. We are rangers with A. R. C. We're expected, " said Stross, in the mechanical accent of his programmed High Gug-Gug-Gug. Banks let Stross do the talking. She didn't relish tasting the disgusting Dididi-Dididi-Dididi air. "A. C? " asked the guard, making the body tip characteristic of a gug-gug-gug sneer. "The Human Cooperative you mean. " "You're talking about the Three Rings Cooperative, " said Stross. "They're not as friendly with us as you might think. As I said, we're with A. And we're expected. " "Proceed, " said the guard, who then stepped out of the way. The two rangers walked past the guards and through the heavy stone doors that lead to the apex pyramid at the top of the Hall. An obsequious attendant led them the rest of the way to the central chamber, where the Great Important Powerful Triumvirate received petitioners. The Triumvirate consisted of a representative of each of the three sexes: one inseminator, one ovipositor, and one gestator. Their fading bodies were painted with the yellow-green ceremonial hemolymph of their enemies. They were arranged on a raised dais so that each was facing all three entrances to the chamber. The dais was the tallest thing in the room, the entire construction of which was designed to emphasize this fact. Shimmering triangular holograms flashing information in gug-gug-gug pictographs swirled in the air all around them. Each member of the triumvirate was being carefully hand groomed by three small attendants who were careful never to walk too far up the dais in completing their duties. 27 guards, each carrying automatic slug-throwers, kept everyone except the attendants away from the dais stairs. When the two rangers approached the Triumvirate waved away their holo-screen and ordered their attendants to withdraw. Not pretending to be utterly disinterested as a deliberate slight was what passed for a sign of respect from the gug-gug-gugs. This was off to a good start. "Gargantuan Invincible Imposing Inseminator, Incorruptible Prescient Beautiful Ovipositor, Magnificent Holy Perfect Gestator, " Stross addressed each member by their full and proper title. "We are honored you agreed to meet with us. I am Ian Stross and this is Charlotte Banks. We speak for A. " "You speak for A. C., so speak, " said the Inseminator, "it is not we who begged audience with you. " "Very well, " said Stross, inwardly bristling but taking pains not to show it. "We're concerned with some recent troop movements we've been monitoring-" "You monitor our troops? " snarled the Ovipositor. "We monitor the galactic sphere of influence of humanity. You should be aware that Home/Click- -Click- -Click-Click and Xalax may not be directly under the protection of the Three Rings Cooperative but we still consider them to be within our jurisdiction. If you have any plans of invading or annexing either of those worlds you need to put a stop to them. " "You threaten us? " barked the Gestator. "It's a warning, " said Stross. "Such typical human arrogance, " sneered the Inseminator. "What meaning have your warnings or threats? " "You are a weight around the neck of the strong. You stagnate the galaxy by preventing the strongest lifeforms from rising up to the true height, dignity and nobility demanded by their power, intelligence and spirit. You coddle weakness and in doing so you weaken life itself, " the Ovipositor ranted. Despite their anger they still continued to speak in the correct ceremonial order. "We will allow you to stifle us no longer. Those worlds are not your worlds, they are held by weak species who cannot defend them. They belong to whoever can take them. " "I'm telling you what our position is with regard to Home/Click- -Click- -Click-Click and Xalax. It sounds to me like someone has been pissing in your chemoreceptors about humanity not having the will to defend its territory. And based on the fact that those are kinetic lances you're pointing at us through the walls-" thought Banks. replied the suit. Using a battery of sensors it quickly put together a full color image of the four gug-gug-gugs clumsily pointing thermal lances at the two rangers through the stone walls. It fed this directly into Banks' eyes. "-I'm going to have to guess it was the Old Ones. How far off am-" Stross didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. The soldiers fired their lances, the beams tore through the stone walls like they were paper. The first his Stross' shield and overwhelmed it in a sudden burst of blue energy. The second hit Stross and he exploded into a red mist. Banks' suit was already deploying. It had warped in the first few layers of itself from hyperspace. So after the first beam shattered her shield the second didn't instant pulverize her. Instead it merely blasted a two-fists sized hole through her abdomen. The suit finished deploying, patched the gaping hole in Banks' stomach, and began to make internal connections so it could take over for the various vital organs she had just lost. Banks gasped dryly. Fully deployed the suit was relatively thin and flexible, almost like a gel, but it more closely resembled some manner of strange metal or advanced ceramics. Reinforced at the joints and other weak points the suit was capable of absorbing all but the most powerful attacks, and could repair itself with materials stored in hyperspace. A helmet sealed Banks' head inside, with a circular black visor over the face. Over the suit was Banks' green cloak, although it now had a giant hole through the back. All 27 guards opened fire but their bullets just bounced off Banks' suit. They only succeeded in further tearing up her cloak. She was just worried about those lances. Banks took off running. The soldiers with the kinetic lances fired off a few more pot-shots through the walls before the Magnificent Holy Perfect Gestator yelled at them to stop. thought Banks. A Falsifier-class Ion Pulse Rifle slipped into her hand sideways from the higher dimensions. She fired back into the audience chamber to cover her escape, a loud crackling accompanying each pulse. The attendant tried to block her path but she dodged past him. She would have no hope of pushing through him, not with a gug-gug-gug center of gravity. He yelled colorful gug-gug-gug swear words at her in groups of three as she ran by. As she approached the doorway to the starpad the three balcony guards appeared in it. Banks fired a single pulse, blasting one of the guards to pieces. The other two instantly broke and scattered in fear. Banks was sprinting down the balcony towards the starpad where her ship was when suddenly her suit yelled in her mind. Banks came to an immediate halt in the nick of time. Three screaming Old One suicide drones came falling from the sky. The zealous death-cultist AIs piloted themselves straight into the silver escort and detonated their 5th dimensional warheads. The ship, the starpad, and a chunk of the balcony were utterly annihilated. Banks thought, backing up slightly. replied the suit. said Banks, who was already taking a running leap off the ruined edge of the now much shorter balcony. Once in the air she began slingshotting herself forward with precisely timed bursts of antigravity. The pyramid-topped gug-gug-gug buildings in the city below jutted upward like the teeth of some haphazard mutant beast. The ground below was obscured by a foggy mist. said the suit. They were too far away to see with human eyes but they were closing the distance fast. The suit lit all three up on Banks' H. U. D. Spinning around so she was flying upside down and taking just enough time to properly aim Banks squeezed off three ion pulses. The first two hit home, ripping through the drone's shielding and blasting them to particles. The third missed. The remaining drone was closing in on Banks. She'd be within its blast radius in no time. Banks allowed herself to drop from the sky and the drone had to reverse course to follow her. Taking a few seconds longer to take better aim Banks fired three more pulses. All three hit home. The drone was blown from the sky. Banks caught herself in an antigravity field the second before she would have smashed into the ground. Banks allowed herself to drop the last few centimeters. The streets below were foggy and nearly deserted. The few gug-gug-gug civilians who had been milling about instantly fled. thought Banks. The suit began to unravel its full suite of sensors, systematically scanning outward in a widening circle around their current location to try and find the telltale signatures of a starship. Ten blocks away it identified one. Large starport. Probably the primary space access in the city. It lit the spot up on Banks H. thought Banks, who flew off towards the marked building. The suit tried to warn Banks with a red enemy light, but it sensed the threat too late. She was knocked from the air, her shield popped like a bubble, by a direct hit from a kinetic lance. She created a sizable dent in the street where she landed. the suit warned. Great. So one more hit would end her. Stalking through the mists to the place where Banks lay was a 9-ft-tall gug-gug-gug tripod walker. Obviously this one had been retrofitted with more potent weaponry. Banks shouted in her mind. Banks rolled to one side in time to avoid being atomized by a shot from the kinetic lance that blew a massive crater in the place where she was just moments ago. The suit warped in four missiles, already in flight. All four slammed into the tripod, blowing the top section to scrap and causing the rest to fall over in a heap. Banks shot back up into the air. the suit informed her. The starport was a wide, tall, flat-topped pyramid. It was covered with a mishmash of obsolete starcraft bought or stolen from the more desperate and mercenary of the FTL-Players. They were a sorry sight but they'd have to do. Autosentry guns mounted on the starport began firing at Banks, but the bullets were useless against her suit. She carefully took out each one with a series of pulses from her rifle, hovering in place with a more constant application of antigravity, before swooping down to land on the starpad. The suit marked one of the random assortment of ships on Banks' H. It was a long, pointed spiral of pearlescent metal. thought Banks. She ran towards it. The suit had hacked into the ship's systems by the time she arrived and it opened the hatch so she could continue up into the ship without slowing. thought Banks as soon as she as inside. The hatch sealed shut behind her. explained the suit. insisted Banks. A short, highly redundant signal fired through the vast void of space directly at A. Headquarters warning of what happened. The starshell had just enough time to squeeze off the message before dozens of suicide drones came crashing down into it from low orbit. The resulting explosions stretched out into the higher dimensions. The entire starport, and all the gug-gug-gug civilians inside, was annihilated. Chapter 1 - Deathraces and Ennui Sam Decker clicked the last AG module back into place and reactivated his racer's integrity field. The sleek, high-speed, bespoke hoverbike shimmered with color for a moment as the field settled. Decker had, for all intents and purposes, disassembled and then reassembled the entire racer twice over. He was as certain of its pristine condition as it was possible to be. Trying to assert any more certainty would only invite philosophical arguments about brains in jars. He affectionately patted the machine. Soon my pretty. The door to the holding garage slid up and Thane Fulvous, another pilot, came marching in with purpose. He saw Decker and was startled for a moment, but quickly recovered. Thane was wearing the same streamlined racing suit as Decker, but his had an advertisement on it for a starlifting company because Thane had no soul. Scientifically speaking. No one else was sponsored. Decker didn't even know how something like a corporate sponsorship was even possible in a society without money. Thane was plumbing the dark depths of human history to rediscover frightening old ways to be horrible. "Sam, " he said, with an utterly phony smile. "Thane, " replied Decker, his gentle indulgence under obvious duress. "Are you still in here performing maintenance on that thing? If your racer is that busted down maybe you shouldn't compete. " "Your head game is as weak as your racing, Thane, " said Decker. "Maybe you should get someone to do that for you too. " "I'm perfectly capable of making you aware of your litany of flaws all on my own. " "That's something, I guess. Tell your team of engineers that I'm going to destroy them in the race. " Decker grabbed his tool-case and slid out the door while Thane was still formulating his great comeback. The weather had been scheduled to be a perfect sunny day, and lived up to it. It was early in the morning and songbirds could still be heard in the distance. It was Deathrace day. Decker was in as good a mood as he was capable of having. The outdoor arena stands were already filling up, maybe a fourth of the way at this point. All the holoscreens and glittering force-rails were up and running. Drones flew overhead and there was even the odd alien in attendance. Deathracing was getting really popular. People were all over the place, milling around, taking seats. This could start to get annoying. Decker liked it better when everyone hated Deathracing. "Sam! " shouted a familiar voice. Waiving enthusiastically was Decker's old friend M Ender, probably the last person he ever imagined would want anything to do with Deathracing. "What are you doing here, " asked Decker, grinning, "this place isn't your scene. " "Supporting my friends isn't my scene? " asked M, incredulous. "Supporting your friend in a Deathrace. " "What kind of a prude do you take me for Sam? " asked M. "I get it. You have deathwards. You're all perfectly safe. " Decker unconsciously worried the deathward around his neck. The devices were used to copy the user's mind-state in the case of death, neuron-by-neuron, maintaining total continuity of consciousness. The user would then sleep comfortably inside the deathward until such time as a new body could be cloned for them. It made the eponymous death in Deathracing a medium inconvenience at worst. Decker's deathward was special. Instead of copying his mind-state it did nothing. It was just an unprogrammed lump of computronium; indistinguishable from a deathward but offering no more protection than an equivalently sized stone. Decker didn't go to all the trouble of creating a phony deathward because he wanted to die. Far from it. He did it because he wanted to live. He wanted to feel the rush of knowing that his life truly depended on his own skills and reflexes. To know the subtlest of movements could mean the difference between life and death. To be alive the way the ancient humans were, before this stagnant self-styled utopia gobbled up every source of risk or meaning or purpose. Deathracing was the only thing Decker cared about anymore. The time between races was like being dead. Discarding his deathward allowed him to feel alive. "It's gross and you'd never convince me to do it but it won't stop me from coming to see you do it, " continued M. "Just don't expect me to have my eyes open the whole time. " "Well thanks, " said Decker, smiling a little. "So I guess you're some big important someone or other around here, huh? " said M, returning the smile. "I started tuning in to the Deathrace feeds and they all talk about you. " Decker shrugged. "I win a lot. " "You're good at something, Sam, " said M, giving him a playful shove. "Something a lot of people care about. That's important! How come you never told me about any of this? Too busy with your fancy Deathrace parties with your fancy drugs and top hats? " "I promise you the parties the Deathrace community throws are exactly like the parties everywhere else, drugs and top hats and all, except the people are slightly more obnoxious. It's dreadful. " "You hate all parties though, " said M. "You hate everything. " "Everything is terrible. " "Have you ever thought that maybe everything is actually great and you're the miserable one? " "Do you want to see for yourself? " asked Decker. "They're definitely going to be be some ostentatious gathering of own-fart connoisseurs after the race today. I could take you. " "It's a date, " said M. Decker couldn't believe he pulled that off. He wasn't sure he could even take credit for it. "Did you know there's a guy giving out shirts with your face on them? " asked M. "Oh no, " said Decker, "you didn't get one did you? " M grinned like the Cheshire cat. said an announcement inside Decker's head. "I have to go, we're getting ready to start. " "Really? The race isn't for two hours. " "It takes a while to set up. " "Okay I'll be watching! " said M. "Look for me I'll be a dot blurring indistinguishably into a thousand other dots in the stands. Wearing a shirt with your face on it. " Technically the track was supposed to max out at 24 racers, but nobody objected to squeezing in another two. Their ranks would thin out on their own soon enough. No two of the 26 racers now lined up in neat rows at the starting line was identical, or even all that similar. Each was a unique work of engineering art and was decorated with all the un-self-conscious flamboyance of a 7-year-old. Part of the appeal of Deathracing was designing and constructing your own personalized racer and making it look as asinine as possible. The bike portion of Decker's own racer sat atop two long, sleek, perfectly balanced hoverpods. On the back was a single over-sized rocket engine surrounded by layers of defensive fields to keep it from instantly melting the pilot. Loss of field integrity leading to a pilot being lit up by their own engine was a fan-favorite. Decker had flown his racer unadorned for many races, but after a great deal of peer pressure he made a small concession to decoration and stained it red ("the fastest color"). Everyone had mounted their racers and waited with tensed muscles for the starting sound. Finally the three distinctive tones counted down and the race was on! The road activated. A translucent blue force-road began to snake forward at high speed of its own accord and the racers immediately sped straight for the edge. With computerized precision the road stayed exactly 10 meters ahead of the racer in first place. This meant the twists and turns couldn't be properly anticipated. They had to be reacted to with a second's notice as they suddenly appeared in front of the racers. The road would also narrow and widen randomly, making dead center the most valuable real-estate. And twist and turn it did. The force-road opened up with an immediate vertical loop. Three racers that weren't able to come up to speed that fast wiped out at the apex, falling to the ground. The racers were largely unharmed but the pilots were badly mangled. They turned off the pain and laughed and joked where they lay. After stretching out for a bit the force-road began to disappear behind itself at the same rate that it grew forward. This meant any stragglers would fall off. The force-road began to spiral around upward, in ever narrowing loops like it was ascending a mountain. There were 23 racers left. Thane had pulled ahead to an early lead. Decker was hanging further back. He didn't like to draw that kind of heat early on. He let a few of the idiots kill each other and thin out the herd before he made his move. A woman flying a eccentric twin-engine mono-pod racer, painted to look like a shark being hit by G-forces, attempted to ram into Thane and take her spot at the center of the road. Thane, in his silver "Saturn Starlifting" themed three-pod design, saw her coming a mile away and pushed back. He rammed her all the way to the edge of the road, pushing her over, before sliding back into his old place. The woman fell to her death off the road, which had already looped over 100 meters in the air. Several of the holoscreens focused on her fall, replaying it over and over again. The crowd applauded. Two more pilots directly behind Thane, in more standard two-pod designs, began ramming each other over second place until the force-road suddenly narrowed and they went tumbling over the side together. More applause. M stopped watching at this point, but she dutifully stayed in her seat. The force-road reached about 200 meters and began to wrap around into a single unbroken circle, like an old 2d race track. Here is where the fighting began in earnest. Decker dodged and weaved, never getting too far ahead and becoming a real target, avoiding conflict as much as possible. The others certainly didn't. A clown-dentist themed twin-pod rammed a bird-covered three-pod all the way over the edge before being pushed off itself by a brightly-colored twin-pod with attached flying kites. A three-pod that looked like an ornate gentleman's pirate ship smashed into a two-pod that looked like a giant human hand so hard that both blew hoverpods and crashed in a mangled, twisted, intertwined wreck the killed both pilots. Another two more racers crashed into the wreckage before the whole thing fell to the ground as the force-road disappeared beneath it. Only 14 racers remained. The force-road shot down in a steep arc and then suddenly began to zigzag treacherously. Decker saw his moment. He began to leap-frog between the zags, cutting half the distance from his trip but having to trust fate that the road would still be zigging and zagging when he landed. This risk paid off. Hopping two zags in this way he was able to jump from 8th place to 3rd. He jumped back to the center of the force-road just in time, as it ceased to zigzag and began to arc upward again. Instead of fighting one person for first, Thane was fighting two. Decker had come out of nowhere. Without any kind of warning one of Decker's hoverpods blew out entirely, belching smoke and throwing the racer badly off-balance. It immediately began to lean hard to one side, bringing Decker's head dangerously close to the force-road as it blasted along at high speed. Only a well timed shift of his body weight kept him from being smeared across the road like so much jam. Three more racers pulled ahead of Decker. He barely noticed. He was fighting for his life. Decker half-stood in his seat and pushed his body as far as he could to one side. The racer leaned back the other way a little, at least enough to get him out of immediate danger. Decker knew that if he jumped out now he'd fall to his death as soon as the force-road disappeared, that's if no one hit him first. His only option was to finish the race in what remained of his racer. The crowd loved every second of it. Most of the holoscreens not showing Thane in the lead now showed Decker struggling along in his damaged racer. The force-road began to twist again and now it was spiraling downward. Decker was barely able to make the turns. While Decker was fighting to keep his racer from killing him there was a battle royal going on over first place. Five different racers jostled back and forth, fighting over the center and trying to knock each-other off. Thane managed to keep the center even amid the chaos, and when the force-road narrowed his rivals went flying off the sides. Decker, far enough behind to have more time to react, managed to keep his racer within the bounds of the badly narrowed road and now he was in second place. Just as the road was widening back out again another racer, a mono-pod made to look like a starship, began bashing Decker from behind, hoping to finish off the damaged racer and steal second place. Decker slowed slightly to bring the two racers in line with one another. Then, when the pilot of the starship racer tried to take advantage of this to ram him sideways off the road Decker cut acceleration entirely. With nothing in the way to stop it the starship racer went flying off the force-road. Decker sped back up. The force-road made a hard, angular turn and it took everything Decker had to make it. His racer spun around again from the momentum, this time it was fully upside-down. Decker tried to shift his own weight and flip the racer back up, but it was impossible. Without the second hoverpod this was the position the racer naturally wanted to take. Decker was forced to just hug his body against the racer as best he could and hope he didn't get ground up into meat against the force-road. There was another vertical loop and a horizontal loop. With one last wicked sharp turn the road reached back down to the ground and manifested a finish line. Far ahead of anyone else Thane took both loops with ease and passed the finish line to the cheers of the crowd. Decker, sweating, his hands screaming and raw, was able to just barely get his machine past the line behind him. Decker immediately brought his racer to a stop by swerving to the side and jumped off. The crowd lost it. They were three times as loud as they had been for the winner. Decker was exhausted, barely able to keep his footing. His lungs burned with every breath. His eyes stung with tears. Adrenalin was pounding in his head. He was alive. Chapter 2 - All Parties Are Exactly The Same Decker never had one moment of doubt. He knew it had been sabotage. Decker checked his racer over and over again like a nervous habit. Everyone made fun of him for it. There was nothing wrong with that hoverpod. He had just finished checking all the AG modules before they started setting up for the race. It was pristine. A love letter to efficiency and performance. He was sexually excited by how well maintained his racer was. So it couldn't have been mechanical error. And that didn't make sense anyway. The pod hadn't blown as a result of an increase in acceleration or from being jostled by someone ramming him. It just blew out of nowhere, for no good reason. Unless, of course, someone had modified the pod but hidden their tracks. Set everything to run normally when tested but, upon the ignition of some trigger or other, to suddenly and catastrophically fail. That was the only explanation that fit all the evidence while contradicting none of it. Whoever did that almost killed him. Not just in a ha-ha Deathrace way, but permanent irretrievable brain death. It was one thing for Decker to decide to risk his own life on his own skills, but this was completely different. He would not abide whoever did this trying to kill him, whether they were aware of what they were doing or not. And by whoever, Decker of course meant Thane. Who else could it have been? He was in the garage right before the race but right after Decker's last round of maintenance. Plus the pod didn't blow until Decker had almost caught up to Thane. And what was he doing in the garage in the first place? Since when did Thane maintain his own racer? Decker was certain now. Decker was filled with blind, incoherent rage. His rage was like a little baby and he spent all afternoon between the race and the party tenderly nursing the rage baby at his own bosom. He raised the rage like it was his own child, fed it obsessive thoughts, and it grew big and strong. His rage baby was now a full grown rage man, and he loomed 8-feet-tall behind Decker as he stalked around, distracted. He was lost in his own mind, going through elaborate revenge scenarios, when M arrived at their agreed-upon meeting place. Had he not been so distracted Decker might have taken note of how dressed up M was. He might have connected that to how important this evening was to her if he had really been on a roll. These insights would have served him well. Unfortunately for Decker his mind was elsewhere. "Sam! " she said, half shouting, and only then he noticed she was there. "Oh! " said Decker. "M. I didn't see you. " "I was standing right in front of you, " said M, crossing her arms. "I'm in another galaxy, I'm sorry, " said Decker. That must have been scary what you went through during that race. I can't even imagine. " "Let's not worry about it, " said Decker, "we have a mediocre party to attend. " "You charmer you, " M deadpanned, taking his arm. Decker and M arrived at the party late enough to not be early, but not so late as to be late. When she saw what Decker was wearing M worried she might have been overdressed. However, as she suspected, it was Decker who was under-dressed. The room was filled with dance music, being composed live by an AI musician. It incorporated communication implants so that the listener heard part of the song in their head, and part out loud. To someone without the appropriate brain implant it sound like disjointed noise. The composer floated around inside a pitch black sphere, appreciating everyone's appreciation of the music as it worked. M's heart was already beating in tune with it. The hosts were using one of those big party rooms that's just a gigantic circle. There was a really nice one not far from the race track. All along the edges of the circle were plush, comfortable looking, self-cleaning, wrap-around chairs. In the center was your standard spherical antigravity dance floor full of people happily dancing in three dimensions. There was a balcony overlooking the party accessible only by floating up to it through the AG bubble. A lot of the people not dancing seemed to be up there. Emanating from somewhere inside the AG field and concentrated within it were hundreds and hundreds of shining multicolored bubbles. They looked good enough to eat, and indeed were edible if you could catch one. Each of the colors corresponded to an emotion, positive ones like camaraderie, triumph or mudita, and touching a bubble would give one a brief but intense burst of the emotion lasting no more than 15 minutes (for the larger bubbles) but usually not longer than 2 or 3. The bubbles could be mixed and matched to amusing effect. The lights were low but all the bubbles were luminous so it evened out for the most part. As the two surveyed the scene a floating tray came by, offering each of them drinks tailored to their exact genetic profile as read from their pheromones. Both drinks sparkled and exuded pleasant fumes. "Don't say I didn't warn you, " said Decker, grabbing his drink and taking a large swallow of it immediately. Proper etiquette would have been to sniff it first. "Sam, enough. This is a party. You are pooping it, " said M. A brief moment of awkwardness passed between them. "Do you want to go dance? " asked Decker, sheepishly. "That's the first sensible thing you've said all day, " said M, grabbing her drink just as the tray began to float away in exasperation. They finished their drinks while they watched the others dancing, and then headed over to the dance floor themselves. Another tray noticed that the two had finished their drinks and came flying over with a puppy's enthusiasm to collect the empty glasses. Decker and M, hand-in-hand, walked inside the area of effect of the AG bubble. The both pushed off together and floated up a bit. The music was much louder inside the bubble. Decker looked lazily up at the balcony and did a double take. It was Thane, sitting at a table on the upper level. He looked over at M, who smiled at him and took his other hand in preparation to dance. "I just saw someone up on the balcony who I really need to talk to in person. Would I completely blow things if I asked if we could pop up there really quick? Then I promise we can dance until you are completely bored of it. " "Whatever Sam, " said M, "you're the one who suggested this in the first place. I'm staying here and dancing though. I like this music, I'm sure whatever you want to talk about is morbid Deathrace nonsense, and I came here to have fun even if you didn't. You come find me when you're done talking and I'll consider dancing with you. " "I'll be right back, " said Decker. "I'll make it up to you. " "Oh count on it, " said M. A navy blue emotion bubble bumped into her head and popped, filling her with a sense of awe at the vastness of the ocean. She went with it. Decker was already floating up through the AG bubble and onto the upper balcony. It took him a couple of tries. Thane was sitting at one of the tables on the balcony effectively holding court. A large group of men and women, with some incarnated AIs and an alien for good measure, crowded around him hanging on his every word. In a society without money reputation was the only currency, and Thane's recent Deathrace championship had made him rich. The alien was of a species Decker recognized, a [Shell Opening], old allies of humanity and a relatively common sight as far as aliens went. It floated in the air in a spiraled technological seashell like all members of its species. The shell was a cross between a bedroom, a spaceship, and a suit of power armor. The [Shell Opening] never appeared outside their shells; they had a strong nudity taboo and would never allow an outsider to see any tiny portion of their body. Decker found it particularly infuriating that Thane had an alien fan. The [Shell Opening] wouldn't have the proper cultural context to understand what a sprellhead Thane was. "Sam, " shouted Thane happily, motioning him over. "That was some fancy flying out there, kov! This is the guy everyone. " Decker narrowed his eyes slightly. "The guy who blew his hoverpod and still finished second place, " Sam continued, standing up and putting his hand on Decker's shoulder. "Good show, kov. There's no shame in losing to the best. " He let his hand drop. "Especially considering the circumstances. " Decker realized at that moment what had been his plan the whole time. He threw a wild, highly telegraphed haymaker right at Thane's face. He connected hard, bruising his own knuckles. Thane collapsed backwards into his crowd of admirers. Someone screamed. There was blood. Nobody knew how to react. This kind of interpersonal violence was almost unheard of. It was like a barbarian from another age had shown up in a loincloth, publicly defecating while eating raw meat. This gave Decker the opportunity to kick Thane several more times before anyone had the wherewithal to pull him off. Two of Thane's fans each grabbed one of Decker's arms and held him. Decker fought against the hold, pushing himself and his captors backwards in his attempt to struggle free. He turned his head and saw M standing there, watching him. He stopped fighting. A third man entered the fray and Decker was brought to the ground. "Goodnight, Sam, " said M, loud to be heard over the commotion. She turned around and stepped off the balcony to float back down to the floor. I will keep posting this story in parts but if you're impatient the complete novel can already been found on my Wattpad.

Free online blind eyes opened lyrics. Jesus Christ. My two favorite scenes are when he is running through the ruins with flares going off, and the end when is running on the battlefield. Hi Pam, Thanks for sharing.  This was so beautiful, and blessed me so. Love, Carleen. Free online blind eyes opened back. WARNING: MAMMOTH POST INCOMING. Estimated reading time: 35-40 minutes. Oops. Introduction & Context Yep. You read the title correctly. This is not a joke, nor are you fantasizing about some madlad who decided to actually write "Penguin" cards on a decklist at a real regional. That madlad is, in fact, real, and happens to be me! I took my penguin hybrid strategy to the Catskill, NY Regional yesterday thanks to this tweet, and if you call a few months ago, I made this post asking for some advice on my build. A few things impeded my ability to enter with this deck sooner, but nonetheless, I ended up honoring my word after months of (arguably arduous and unnecessary) theory and testing. I had an awesome time memeing around and wearing my thematic outfit, and even meeting some viewers of my fledgling YouTube channel (shameless plug haha), you guys were all awesome! There were exactly 300 players at this event with 9 rounds of Swiss, and I finished with a 4-4-1 record, ending up in 112th place. Not an amazing record, to be certain, but I defied all my expectations and really had fun with some of my favorite cards that I never thought I'd take out of the commons box. Deck List & Synopsis The deck list. I'm 99% sure this is the first time "Nopenguin" and "Puny Penguin" have ever made an appearance at a regional. If you guys would like a full, in-depth explanation of how the deck is designed to fully operate, I have a 30-minute deck profile on my channel that explains everything, but for those of you who want the basics, I'll give you the brief rundown. The objective of this deck is to compensate for the two main weaknesses of Penguin Control - aggression and searchability - by taking advantage of the Frog engine to roundabout recycle the penguins while applying offensive pressure. Penguin Soldier has a great niche this format against cards like Dingirsu, Colossus, and Balelynx to clear boards while bypassing destruction protection, and Nopenguin can permanently remove those threats. Puny Penguin can come in and help finish the job by offering more board presence in tandem with the Frogs and Paleo monsters. All of this, combined with some solid non-engine defensive traps, aims to shut down the opponent's resource game and go for a Borrelsword + Toad OTK. And surprisingly, it delivered. Maybe even more surprisingly, the penguins actually put in work! Tournament Report Round 1: Unchained True Draco (1-1D) Game 1: We got put in the hallway where there was no timer, so we got started late (and got a 3 minute time extension). My opponent tells me this was his first regional, and whenever people who are new to the game are playing against me, I want to make the experience as positive as I can. He seems very new to his deck, as he spends some time reading his own cards, he seems a bit nervous, getting apologetic on several occasions, particularly in times where he makes illegal plays. I allow him to take his time and tell him that it's all good, and that we're all just here to play Yu-Gi-Oh:) I take game 1 after a slow grind where I banish his Unchained monsters with Penguin Soldier/Nopenguin combo. Game 2: We get into another grindy game. This time, he uses Crackdown to take my Swap Frog and then uses Apocalypse to tribute summon Metaltron XII, the True Dracombatant. It's unaffected by monsters and traps. I'm thinking, "I have like 2 outs to this, oh no LOL. " I have a pretty good engine of Frogs going, so I set up a negate with Toad and a Mistar Boy to try and recover so I can Borrelsword clear it next turn. Unfortunately, I pass to him as time is called, and he's up on LP at this point, so we draw. I was thinking initially after the match that maybe I should've pressed him to play a little bit faster. And maybe that's still true. But I don't want to be the player who's known for being shifty with the time rules, especially against a newer player. Not to mention the fact that we couldn't see the time anyway. Regardless, I don't regret that match even though I could've won in theory. He didn't even know that the time procedures worked the way they did: I told him it was the end of the phase and his eyes widened. But he told me after the match that he was glad that I was his first experience at a regional tournament. Sometimes, there's more to this game than just trying to win all the time (especially when I'm memeing at this tournament anyways). I reflect on this more a bit later on, if you make it all the way through this report. Round 2: Salamangreat (2-1W) Game 1: I open up with Dupe Frog, Penguin Soldier, and 3 traps. I decide to set the Penguin Soldier even though setting Dupe Frog probably was the better play because we're playing a Penguin deck, not a Frog deck. He resolves Bufferlo into Cynet Mining for Gazelle, whose effect I Striked. He follows that up with a Foxy in grave to go for a Sunlight Wolf, which I Compulse. He passes on no monsters. I normal the Dupe next turn and flip up Penguin Soldier (nothing to bounce, RIP), and make Toad. It gets to the point where he's relying on resolving Will of the Salamangreat as much as he can to stay in the game, but I have enough disruptions to stop his plays. I topdeck Burst Rebirth the turn that I go for the OTK. So close to resolving the Puny Penguin combo:( Game 2: He full combos me and I don't see Nibiru. I try and play out of it, but he Twin Twisters my 2 sets that weren't Burst Rebirth on my EP, and on his turn, Stallio bounces my set Penguin Soldier, so I quickly scoop that one up. Game 3: One of the more memorable games. I open Dupe Frog, Swap Frog, Penguin Soldier, Solemn Judgment, and Compulse. I summon Toad and set Penguin Soldier and the traps, and pass. He uses Ash on my SP Toad, which I allow. Then he goes for a Bufferlo. I think to myslf, "I wonder how would it be if I just used Judgment on this? " So I just shotgun it right away. He follows that up with a Cynet Mining into Gazelle, which I negate with Toad and steal. I grab back Swap Frog with Toad. He uses Will of the Salamangreat next to summon the Foxy that he pitched off Mining, goes into Balelynx to grab Sanctuary, then uses Foxy's in grave effect to pitch another Foxy and revive it. When he goes for Wolf, I again use Compulse on it. I topdeck a Dupe Frog, which was perfect. I know he only has Sanctuary in hand and Will on field. I flip up Penguin Soldier (again, no effect cause he has no monsters lol), flip up Gazelle, summon Swap to dump another Ronin, bounced the Swap and summoned it again by pitching the Dupe and sent another Dupe. At this point, I had 2 Frogs in grave. I banish both to summon the Ronintoadins, make Borrelsword with all of my monsters except Penguin Soldier, putting Swap in back in grave. I use it to summon the last Ronintoadin and overlay for Toad to OTK. Round 3: Sky Striker (2-0W) Game 1: This is a very, very long grindy game, so get your popcorn ready. He starts off with Engage for Raye, grabs it back with Kagari, and sets 4. He searches Shark Cannon with both the 2nd Engage and Shizuku so I'm thinking he definitely has Anchor and is expecting me to be on Orcust. I just set my cards and pass. He uses Cosmic on my EP to hit Compulse. Next turn, he summons Hayate but doesn't kill my Penguin Soldier and only attacks directly. I also believe he uses a hard drawn Jamming Wave on another inconsequential backrow. He adds I believe Multirole off this Shizuku, and I activate Scapegoat on EP. I go through the standard Link Spider -> Linkuriboh -> Phoenix line, which forces an Impermanence. I then force Eagle Booster on Shizuku using Security Dragon. Using those two monsters, I make Avramax, which is historically difficult for Striker to deal with. I flip up Penguin Soldier, targeting the Shizuku even though it's unaffected to get my Nopenguin out of the grave (I pitched it with the Phoenix). He Shark Cannons the Nopenguin, FeelsBad. I poke with Avramax, normal summon a Dupe, make Toad and pass. He forces my Toad with Widow Anchor when I use its effect in SP, and then uses Shark Cannon to target Toad when I go to use its grave effect to add back Dupe. I had a Burst Rebirth set and should've chained it but I was so fixated on using it later for Penguin Soldier that I didn't see the obvious line. So now I have to deal with my own Toad lol. I grab Swap Frog off the resolved Toad effect and then he proceeds with his turn. He just uses Hayate to poke directly, activates Role, and passes with another set, grabbing a search for Hercules Base with Shizuku in EP. He flips TCBOO on my next turn and I have to figure out how to push without Frog spam. I use the Swap Frog to bounce itself, and then I use the Widow Anchor that I took since my MMZ was clear to negate Shizuku. I needed to do this because he had 9 spells in grave, so Avramax was below Toad's 2200 and I needed to clear it without using Avramax's effect (because that's my current win condition that he can't out since he already committed Jamming Waves). If I use Anchor on Toad, he can just let it go through and I'm then stuck with no plays. I attack over my Toad with Avramax, and he asks, "Damage Calculation? " which was cheeky since he asked the same question the turn prior. I smile and declare, "no effect" and grab back another resource off Toad's GY effect. I then set a Dupe Frog and pass. The following turn, he wants to try and set up to use Kagari in a future turn with Base, so he gets rid of his own TCBOO with Multirole. He pokes me with his last Hayate and he's out of Shizukus. He activates Hercules Base after BP so he can proc Multirole and set Widow Anchor. The next turn is the last. I flip up Dupe Frog, and I can hear him say to himself, "yeah, and he's got that Swap Frog in hand, " which he saw me bounce last turn. He goes to Widow Anchor take it right away to prevent me from going into a Toad. But I check LP, and he's well under the 2900 that Avramax would deal to him by punching over the Dupe. So that's what I do, and we move on to game 2! Game 2: He uses Area Zero to try and find a play, but only picks up another Area Zero and sends his Called by the Grave to the GY. I'm pleased to find Evenly Matched in my opener, but he only ends up setting one card before using Hornet Drones to make Shizuku and search Engage. Great, I'm on a timer and my Evenly isn't the most effective here. Regardless, I still fire it off, and he keeps his Shizuku. I set a Dupe Frog and a few backrow and pass with Nopenguin in hand. During his turn, he goes into Kaina and then uses his first Engage to search a Jamming Waves, which he uses to destroy my Dinomischus. I opt not to use it even though I want Nopenguin in grave because I have Scapegoat set again, so I know that if it resolves I can go for Phoenix anyway and pitch it then, and the only card to banish with Dinomischus is Shizuku anyway. He gains 100 LP (it's a good 10 minutes before time so I'm not worried as long as I can resolve Goat). He goes into BP after making Hayate and swings, and when he summons Kagari, I use my Solemn Strike. His Area Zero doesn't find anything, so he passes with just 1 set. I flip up Goat in the End Phase. Next turn, I draw a Penguin Soldier. I go for the standard Link Spider -> Linkuriboh -> Phoenix play again and pitch Nopenguin to hit Lost Wind, which he chains. I'm free to essentially pop off. I do the big brain play of normal summoning Penguin Soldier to complement my Dupe Frog to make Toad, then use Linkuriboh in grave to tribute the final token to make Borrelsword for lethal. Round 4: Sky Striker Orcust Pendulum (Trif Gaming) (1-2L) Game 1: I actually was talking with my friends earlier who said, "what if you played Trif with this deck and actually won? " to which I replied, "yeah, like I'd actually be at a table high enough to play against him. " Welp, here we are, both at 2-0-1 lol. I actually have talked to him before a few times since he's watched my Lunalight Pendulum videos on his stream which is pretty cool. After exchanging pleasantries, I tell him that my deck is awful and he shouldn't have anything to worry about. (Which is something that I actually tell all my opponents during this tournament. It's to try and get people to let their guards down, which doesn't always work, but when it does, it can actually be rewarding. ) We get into our match and I win the die roll. I set a Dupe Frog and a few traps and pass. He opens pretty weak after I Olenoides his Servant. He's forced to scale Darkwurm and use its Pendulum effect to grab Gate Zero in the other scale. He pend summons I believe another Darkwurm and tries to summon Bashilisk but I tell him it's a LIGHT monster, and Darkwurm's scale effect locks you into pendulum summoning DARK's. He then normal summons another Servant and enters BP and attacks. In MP2 he makes Electrumite, which I use Dinomischus on to pitch a Nopenguin, which he laughs over and reads. We're generally pretty serious the entire match but that was the one initial reveal of the penguins that really got us rolling for a bit. Just as a side note, I love when people pick up cards that I'm playing and go, "wtf is this" in a laughing, joking sort of way. It takes me back to when I played rogue decks a lot more often. Anyways, he doesn't have much of a play so I draw. I pick up a Swap Frog and proceed to make Toad. I punch with it and pass. I summon Dupe in SP and it's apparent he's still bricked. He pendulum summons Curtain Raiser and passes. I summon Swap this time in SP with Toad and use it to send Penguin Soldier, which we get a kick out of once again. At this point, I could stall out the game longer to try and use the penguins, but I don't want to waste time, so I just make Borrelsword + Toad (using the first Toad to add back Penguin Soldier). That process required me to use Lost Wind on his Curtain Raiser to get back Dinomischus. I attacked with Borrelsword, he reveals Chronograph, I negate it with Toad by sending Penguin Soldier from hand, and he scoops. He tells me after this game during siding that he got too overconfident and underestimated my deck, and I smile to myself knowing that part of that was attributable to the mindgame that I played at the start of the match. Game 2: He shows the power and potential of including 10+ draw cards in his deck by turboing Into the Voids and Allures like it's no tomorrow. He eventually ends on Galatea, Dingirsu, Crescendo, Jackal King with 6 counters, and Endymion, the Mighty Master with a counter and 2 more backrow to not lose to Into the Void. My hand is actually relatively equipped to deal with it: Dupe Frog, Scapegoat, Dinomischus, Compulsory, Solemn Strike, and Ronintoadin. I set Dupe Frog and the backrow and pass. He uses Galatea on his turn and doesn't set Babel, which gives me more info on his build. He flips up a set Spell Power Mastery (a duplicate from last turn), grabs Servant, normals it and makes a Phoenix to hit my Compulsory which I chain to bounce Galatea, expecting the Crescendo. I found it a little strange that he didn't chain it, because he had to link away his Dingirsu in his EMZ to make the Phoenix, and he was banking on his Cymbal to revive Dingirsu to keep the Orcust play going. When he went for it, I used Solemn Strike. I don't remember all that happened in this game, but it was quite the back-and-forth. I believe he went into Draco Masters of the Tenyi, and it was clear he was trying to Pendulum Summon so I used Dinomischus on it, pitching the Ronintoadin. He was saving the big Endymion for my final set instead of using it right away, so he let it go. He went into BP and cleared my Dupe Frog which grabbed me a Swap Frog. He Pendulum Summons Jackal King in MP2 and passes, telling me he waited because he thought my set was Penguin Soldier (the SUCCESSFUL MIND GAME). My last card was Scapegoat, and I reasoned that if this resolves, I'm in a good spot, and if not, I can resolve Swap and actually turn this game around. I flip it and he negates it. Suddenly, it's looking pretty good. He has scales, but only a Jackal King with 0 counters, a set that I know is Crescendo, the Endymion in hand, and an unknown set. I topdeck Lost Wind and feel poised to win the game. I normal the Swap Frog, and he reveals the unknown set: Widow Anchor. Of all the drawing and searching that he did in that turn 1, Engage was not among those cards. I was totally caught off guard because despite me knowing he was on Striker Orcust Pendulum (I saw him earlier in the day), I just didn't make the read. Not that I really could've changed the outcome at that point. I don't feel the need to use Ronintoadin since I have 0 traps to proc Dinomischus in grave so I pass. The Swap Frog comes back to me and he draws for turn... Engage. Wonderful lol. He grabs Hornet and draws Into the Void which gets him another card... this ain't lookin' good chief. He Pendulum Summons Endymion and beats me down. I'm basically topdecking, and while Trif grabs Engage, I draw... Nibiru lol. Shame, because in his initial combo there was actually a point where he linked away his Jackal King to make Saryuja and that would've been a prime time to Nibiru had I opened it. But now it's 100% dead. I try and bluff by using Ronintoadin in grave, to which he chains Jackal, to which I chain Lost Wind, hoping he'd be afraid of my topdeck. He didn't bite; he negated it with Endymion, and we moved on to game 3. After the match, I contemplated what would've happened had I used Lost Wind before he Pendulum Summoned in his last turn. I'd end up having a Dinomischus, but he could still beat over both monsters even with the halved attack of Jackal King so I'd only have the Ronintoadin and the Nibiru I topdecked, so it would've not really made a difference. Game 3: I set 3 traps and Dupe Frog and passed. He makes plays with Master Cerberus and uses it to banish my set Dupe Frog. I chain Lost Wind, he chains Red Reboot... and I have no Solemn Judgment. I get swiftly OTK'd. He tells me after the match that he drew Red Reboot as his 6th card. He truly is the pend god haha. Just as a side note for people who might have jaded or negative views of Trif: The man's actually really nice and chill in person. I do believe he exaggerates his persona for the sake of playing a character on his YouTube, which I don't think is all to abnormal or bad. He was actually really nice to play against and a great guy in person. Some of my favorite games in YGO are the ones where my opponent and I are on the same wavelength that we need to say few, if any words, and that's what happened. We both made all those plays while saying maybe 2-3 sentences the entire match. There's something about that type of YGO that I really do like, it's super serious and competitive despite me playing a really meme deck. Also, he said he liked my penguins, which is a plus: Pend god approves of penguins:) Round 5: Mekk-Knight Invoked (2-0W) Game 1: He wins the die roll but makes me go first. I instinctively play around Mekk-Knights because I always suspect that deck whenever my opponents are blinding second. I set a few cards and pass, aka the standard opening of this deck any time it doesn't open Swap Frog. He uses Meltdown to grab Aleister, which he summons and I respond with Strike. Then he activates Desires and noticeably winces as he checks his banished pile and the cards he draws. I joke, "please draw double Desires off Desires, " and he replies with a smile, "basically. " He sets a backrow and summons Purple Nightfall, using its effect, to which I chain Dinomischus and pitch Nopenguin. I believe he passes on that. I flip Scapegoat in the End Phase and do the standard link climbing to pop his set, which was indeed another Desires. I topdeck a Penguin Soldier, which I normal summon again, netting me the monster required for me to complete the Borrelsword + Toad OTK. Penguin Soldier's best effect in 2019 is to be a normal summon to make Toad apparently:P Game 2: He makes me go first again. I open up Swap Frog, Dupe Frog, Nopenguin, Compulsory, and another trap. I make Toad and use my additional normal summon from Swap Frog to summon the Dupe Frog. On his SP I use Toad to get the Dupe Lock online. He starts off by using Hey, Trunade! on my two sets, which I don't respond with. I decide to just save the Toad for the Aleister, but he drops Mind Control. I negate and take it, grabbing back Swap Frog, and he follows that up with a Pankratops. Then he summons Aleister, grabs Invocation, sets a card (not the Invocation), and summons Indigo Eclipse. He moves it, and summons Yellow Star. He uses Indigo and Aleister to make Link Aleister, then asks to check my grave for LIGHTs. Seeing my grave is all WATER, and that Indigo is his only LIGHT, he can't use the Yellow Star to pop the stolen Mind Control and still make Mechaba, so he opts to just use the Invocation and banish the Indigo for it. He adds back the Aleister with Invocation and that's the only card in his hand, so I have some info to work with. He uses Pankratops to pop the DEF position Dupe Frog so he can attack. I grab another Swap Frog off the Dupe. He attacks with everything (here's where I realize Dupe Frog's floating effect isn't OPT but I'm out of targets at this point), and he contemplates using Aleister to pump Mechaba but decides against it. He uses his Link Aleister and Yellow Star to make Decode Talker knowing that I have Mind Control and passes. I'm down to 1600 LP and topdeck a dead Burst Rebirth. (I'm glad that card has a random 2000 LP cost lol, thanks Konami. ) I use the Mind Control I took from last turn, targeting Mechaba to force Decode. The only monster that he can tribute is said Mechaba, so I don't have to really fear a whole lot. I'm actually in a position where I can win the game here but I throw quite badly. I have 2 Frogs in grave at this point for Ronintoadin. I normal summon Swap Frog and dump a second Ronintoadin. I banish 1 Frog for Ronin, then use it and Swap to make Phoenix across from Decode Talker, pitching Burst Rebirth to hit his set Impermanence, which he chains. I'm back up to 2 Frogs in grave, realizing that I'm shy of making Borrelsword + Toad for game. Remember when I said I ran out of targets for Dupe Frog? Yeah, that's because I sent Swap off Swap turn 1 like a dummy. Had I sent Dupe instead, I would've had 3 Swaps in hand, giving me another way to make the combo work, or if I had just bounced the Swap and specialed it prior to summoning Pheonix, that would've worked as well, but I'm bad. Oops lol. I just settle for Phoenix + Toad and hope for the best. Luckily for me, his only play is Aleister which I gladly negate with Toad, and he runs over my Dupe that I got in SP. Next turn, I ensure that I have game and make it so. Round 6: Sky Striker Orcust (1-2L) Game 1: Here's where it starts going downhill a bit. Going in, I'm feeling pretty good, exceeding my expectations, having done well against a good portion of the meta and high tiered rogue. But now I have to square up against my most feared matchup: Sky Striker Orcust. This deck is way too fast for my deck to handle, and I'm really in for it. He goes first, and after he activates Engage, I say, "man, that means it's either bad, or REALLY bad. " I'm implying here that bad = pure Striker (which makes sense since Penguins don't do much to Striker links), and REALLY bad = Striker Orcust (for the reason I described). He actually interprets that as me playing a deck that is maining Nibiru, or Gren Maju, or some other blind second deck (he says all of this out loud). He even counts his own summons for Nibiru out loud, and I'm sitting there bluffing it. He actually makes a misplay by shuffling back Harp with the Galatea with the standard combo instead of the World Wand, so when he ends on his I:P Masquerena + Babel + Widow Anchor + 2 backrow setup, he doesn't have Harp in grave. I draw for turn and it's loaded with Frogs. I summon Swap, which eats a Widow Anchor. I ask to end the MP, and he responds with Knightmare -> Cymbal to revive Galatea instead of Dingirsu. I go, "someone's got a Crescendo;)" and he tenses up a bit. I ask again if ending MP1 is fine and he says it's okay. "Enter Battle Phase? " "Oh, why did I do that? " I punch over his I:P Masquerena and proceed to MP2 where I don't expect to be able to get to Toad, but actually do. Part of me thinks he's trying to get me to believe he has no Crescendo, but I'm still convinced that he has to have it. I set all my backrow and pass turn. I use Toad in SP and that gets met with Crescendo. I don't completely recall the details of this game, but I clear his Galatea somehow (probably via Dinomischus or Compulsory) and he just passes. I remember using EP Burst Rebirth to grab back Swap Frog so I can reestablish Toad the following turn. I go to use his effect in SP again and it's met with Impermanence this time, which I negate and steal. (I remember the judge nearby watching our game noticing we have the same sleeves and saying, "remember to give that back to him. ") He draws nothing off his topdecked Upstart and concedes that game. I remember to give him his Impermanence right then and there. :) Game 2: He goes first again, and makes another I:P board that I'm forced to deal with. Going in, I know that if I have no response to an I:P -> Trisbaena to banish my whole board I just lose automatically on the spot. It's looking like one of those games, but I have Nibiru, which I drop. Unfortunately, I open double Nibiru and double Dupe Frog so it's not looking too great. I punch over the token and pass with Dupe and 1 backrow. He plows right through it and manages to deal with the Dupe Frog as well. I go for Swap Frog on my next turn but it gets stopped. I don't remember if it was Impermanence, Anchor, or Crescendo, but it was enough for me to scoop right there and have enough time for game 3. Game 3: I opt to start, and look at my abysmal opening hand of Penguin Soldier, double Dupe Frog, and double Dinomischus. I set Penguin Soldier and my traps and hope for the best. He SP Twin Twisters me. I instantly die. This will be a recurring trend by the way: Losing automatically to the blowout side deck cards and not drawing Solemn Judgment when it counts:( Round 7: Block Dragon Burning Abyss (1-2L) Game 1: He's pretty excited to see that I'm his opponent, because he saw me a few tables away during earlier rounds. I was wearing the hat as you guys saw in the picture above, so it's pretty easy to tell what I'm playing by that alone. Strategical disadvantage, but it's all in good fun anyway haha. Anyways, I think he goes first if I recall. He opens up with a normal summoned Cir into a Special Summoned Farfa, goes into Cherubini, and revives Farfa off Cir. Cherubini sends Graff which grabs Scarm, and he makes Dante, milling Block Dragon, Sekka's Light, and Libic. (Don't ask me how I remember certain things in such detail, but forget other, more important events. I have a weird brain lol) Sekka's Light returns Edge Imp Sabres to fetch another card, and then he specials Gizmek Orochi and makes I:P Masquerena. He adds back Cir with Dante and adds Tour Guide in the End Phase. I draw, and look at my hand full of traps and a Nopenguin. I normal summon the Nopenguin. "Attempt to end Main Phase 1? " "Activate I:P Masquerena. " "Please don't make Unicorn and spin back my Penguin, he's just a boi. " "Sorry, but that's exactly what I'm doing. " Part of me wonders if he did that play because I asked him not to, but again, I'm always fearing a Trisbaena from an I:P, especially when I know he has Gizmek that can proc it so easily. But the fact that my hand of 5 traps isn't going to lose to a Trisbaena that turn gives me some hope. I happily shuffle back my Nopenguin as he uses his pitched Cir to special back Dante. I set my whole hand except Canadia (to make Dinomischus live), and pass turn. He opts not to use Gizmek on the End Phase. He draws and normals Tour Guide to summon Edge Imp Sabres. He makes Trisbaena with everything but I believe Tour Guide, adds back Cir, and then uses Sabres' effect in GY. I chain Compulsory to bounce Trisbaena. Edge Imp resolves. I don't entirely remember what happens next. I believe he summons Psychic Tracker to make a second Dante, makes Phoenix to force my Lost Wind, and uses the Cir he pitches for cost to bring back his Dante. I remember he eventually gets enough EARTH monsters to summon Block Dragon, which I use Dinomischus on. I can't remember what he did with the remaining Phoenix and Dante, nor what he did with his Gizmek in grave which he definitely used at one point, but looking at my LP log, nobody took damage this game so it's hard to say. I had to have had another trap to clear another extra deck monster he tried to use to force stuff out. I do remember getting one Paleozoic trap out and then topdecking Swap Frog for turn, and he decided to scoop it up after I got a Toad established. Sorry about the spotty details, I can't for the life of me remember everything. Game 2: He goes first again, and ends on a significantly better field. He opens with Sekka's Light, and banishes it to put back O-Lion and draw 1. "Ahh, you're playing O-Lion. Is that... for Mathematician, right? To make Cherubini? " "Yep, glad to hear others know about the BA combos:) So, normal summon Mathematician? " He sent the O-Lion off of it and we both chuckled at that. He proceeded to use Cherubini to send Graff and summon Cir. Gallis milled a copy of The Rock Spirit, and he went into Dante. He milled really well off this one, and it was here where I saw he was playing the Soulkius/Malicious package, because he hit both. He uses these resources to combo off and end on an I:P Masquerena, a Beatrice, and an Apollousa. Yeah, there was no way I was playing through that board. I had a lot of Frogs in hand this time around which made his Apollousa better than it normally would be against my deck, in exchange for him not needing to utilize Trisbaena. I quickly lose that one and pack it up. Game 3: I open with a hand of Dupe Frog, Nopenguin, and 3 backrow, one of which is Judgment. I finally feel alright about a post-sideboard scenario. He enters the Battle Phase and ends it, dropping Evenly Matched. I promptly Judgment it. Then, after the chain resolves, he drops Twin Twisters on my remaining 2 sets... Yeeeeep. He's also able to make a Dante and while he doesn't mill broken, it's far too much for me to come back from. He has Beatrice at the end of it. I decide to just meme around and crash my Dupe into the Beatrice since I couldn't come back from this one, and gave him the turn to finish me off. Round 8: Nekroz (0-2L) Game 1: I lose the die roll, but he tells me to go first. I'm thinking it's Mekk-Knight Invoked again. I set my Dupe Frog and 4 backrow and pass. "Enter the Battle Phase. " "Wait, is this game 1? " Yep, main decked Evenly Matched is what seals this one. I Olenoides my own Canadia just to have a Paleo in grave, but it doesn't do that much. My Strike is very ineffective in dealing with his onslaught, and I can't deal with Unicore so I scoop after I draw for turn. Game 2: I'll fully admit, by this point I was pretty bummed. I went from a strong 3-1-1 start to kinda crashing and burning a bit. I had low expectations coming into it, but not only was I doing poorly after showing signs of promise, the penguins were really not putting in the work during the last few rounds that I wanted them to. I went first again, with the thought that he'd expect me to make him start so I'd reverse mind-game him. I set some backrow and a Penguin Soldier and pass. He forces a Lost Wind at a bad time after he used Kaleidoscope to send N'Tss. Maybe I should've negated the Impcantations he summoned prior, but I felt it was crucial to stop the Trishula. Speaking of which, he eventually found his way into a Mirror. On activation, I Trap Trick into Impermanence to negate the Trishula on resolution. I believe I use Dinomischus on his Trishula to discard Nopenguin. I'm not sure what happened next turn, to be honest, because my heart was kinda out of it at that point. I remember trying to resolve a Nopenguin off the back of Penguin Soldier and it getting Called by the Grave, so that really sucked. His ritual monsters just went right back to his hand with Penguin Soldier, instead of getting banished. The one time I get to actually use that combo:( Next turn, he forces his way through the remainder of my backrow and I'm caught with my pants down as he summons a second copy of Trishula with another Mirror. I thought for some reason that most builds played 1 copy, because I overheard one guy earlier say that he topped YCS Chicago by playing two and catching people off guard with it. But looking at some lists today, I noticed that most people are playing 2 anyway so that's on me just not knowing the matchup and relying off the back of secondhand information. My own fault for losing this one, I played poorly, got blown out by a main-decked Evenly, and didn't know the matchup very well. Round 9: Sky Striker Trains (2-1W) Game 1: This was probably the most enjoyable match of the entire day, and I'd like to thank my opponent for being chill and spending 20 minutes after the game just talking about things. Really nice guy. :) He wins the die roll and makes me go first. I see he has a Train playmat, and I say, "If your mat's any indication of what you're playing, I'm incredibly scared. " I have tremendous respect for that deck, it really catches people off. I set my backrow and pass turn. He Cosmic Cyclones my Impermanence and normal summons Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede. I use Crackdown on his Pegasus when he summons Heavy Freight Train Derricrane, and he's forced to pass. I normal summon Nopenguin and beat over the 1400 ATK Derricrane (lol). He draws and passes. I swing directly with Nopenguin, not finding monsters. He draws Revolving Switchyard and I use Olenoides on it when he discards for cost. He Gameciels my Nopenguin and then summons his Jizukiru to his field. He then normal summons Night Express Knight. I use another Crackdown on his Jizukiru, and it immediately goes to GY since I can't control more than 1 Kaiju (I've run into this kind of interaction before, weirdly enough). I also chain the Olenoides. I topdeck a Penguin Soldier and he smiles, saying it's one of his favorite cards. I make a Toadally Awesome and attack with the Gameciel and the Toad for game. (NEK has 0 ATK) Game 2: He lets me start again, and I set traps and pass. I go to use Dinomischus on a Derricrane and he reveals Red Reboot. I smile as I set Judgment, watch him overlay into Gustav Max, pop my set monster with Derricrane and burn me, and attack with Liebe for 6000. Good ol' trains. Game 3: This is a funny one. I go first, and set traps and pass. I Strike the summon of a Gustav Max, Olenoides his Switchyard that he uses when he discards another Switchyard, and then he passes. "Draw for turn. Pass. " "Draw for turn. Uh... pass. " "Pass. " Repeat this for about 3 turns in total. I drew no monsters and had a bunch of Paleos that couldn't trigger because he wasn't doing anything either, and he was just flat out bricking. We were both kinda laughing at how ridiculous this game has gotten, and it's the last game of the day for both of us after 9 long rounds of Swiss. Eventually, I see a play, and am able to stop any of his plays with the 5 set traps. He had a Cosmic Cyclone but it wasn't enough. I decided to have more fun with this game. I actually did what I set out to do: I used Frogs to make a Toad. Toad summoned out more Swap Frogs to send Penguin Soldier and Puny Penguin to grave. I used Burst Rebirth finally to revive my Puny Penguin, and use its effect after I link summoned to actually push for an OTK. He told me afterward that he's just getting back into the game with his buddies, but they sadly don't have a locals to go to within an hour radius because their old one shut down, and that they're just trying to get a community together. We reminisce about old times, and just talk about the game in general. He's a really chill person just trying to make what little spare time he has for the game, and it makes me think about how important it is to preserve local communities, big or small. It made me think all the way back to round 1: had I been rude to that guy, or tried to pressure him under the time constraints, he might have been discouraged that entire day, and maybe even quit the game if he ran into more people like that. It can really make or break the longevity of this game, and I'm glad that my takeaway from this tournament wasn't necessarily micro-game related (which is of course important for someone who's very competitive like myself), but also the humility of the game, which I think can certainly be lost at times. Closing Thoughts. Is this deck good? Well, not really. The penguins really didn't do nearly as much in the tournament as they had in testing, nor had they done as much as I had hoped. Honestly, some of that was due to mere circumstance (like Called by the Grave on Nopenguin in Round 8 or not having any monsters to bounce in Round 2), but it was also partially because the penguins aren't really needed at times. Puny Penguin is also just incredibly difficult to actually get going. It's so damn slow. But at the same time, yes. The penguins provided an alternate way to spam the board, while in some cases, it cleared the way for me to actually facilitate an OTK. I'm disappointed I never got to use Borrelguard Dragon, and I wish I had gotten to see Trap Trick more than once or twice the entire time to use Burst Rebirth more, but the penguins still actually contributed nicely to the deck and I don't think I ever really lost games because of the penguins themselves. If you look back, all of the games I lost, apart from Round 8 Game 2, were due to either incredible turn 1 setups from my opponent that 95% of decks would have a difficult time breaking, or absurdly powerful blowout side deck cards (Twin Twisters, Red Reboot, and Evenly Matched) that every single trap based strategy loses to anyways. So the penguins were actually not a hindrance, and I actually really enjoyed myself. I'm committed to being very competitive with my team (shoutouts to Evolve Gaming) when I join them in Philly this January, so I'm glad I got this chance to play not just a rogue deck, but one that has a funny gimmick. I won't be afraid to play rogue in the future, but I'm unlikely to play something this goofy at a regional for a long time. I daresay, though, that I might get an urge to take on this pet project yet again and try to optimize it competitively to the best of my ability. It was a much more intensely gratifying process than I thought it'd be, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I'd like to thank everyone who supported me, whether it was here on my original R/F post, on my YouTube, or just my friends out there who lent me cards and hyped me up (especially when I got paired vs. Trif haha). You guys are really awesome, and I know this post got really sappy at the end, but I really do love this game and the people I've gotten to know. Thanks for reading my college paper of a report, and take care friends! :).

Free online blind eyes opened movie. This premise is wrong: By proving that Christ never resurrected. The correct one should be: By proving that Christ never died. Morena, You know the drill. Do you wanna play a game Rides in on Giant Huhu grub When the Treaty was signed, pu and tupara (muskets and double barreled shotguns) were among the most valuable of all taonga under Article 2 (if it really does go beyond the real property interests listed as the New Zealand courts say). Article 2 assured the chiefs and all the ordinary people of New Zealand that they would have undisturbed exclusive use and possession of their taonga. So if relations between Police and (rural) Maori break down, it is inevitable that some Maori will assert a Treaty right to be free from confiscation and possibly even licensing for firearms. Urban judges from leafy suburbs will look for some sophistry to reject that claim both in law, and morally. But they should not underestimate the power of a strong view that authority is wrong allied to a wide belief in historical right. We have seen that repeatedly. Myth becomes political reality when enough people believe the myth. The Arms Act 1860 exempted Maori. I have not researched the history, but I suspect that reflected both practical common sense on enforcement, and recognition of a Treaty assurance of Maori rights to retain pu and tupara. Under the so-called right of development in Treaty jurisprudence, that would now extend to whatever is the modern equivalents (in relative effectiveness to other weapons? ) I raised this possibility in my last minute submission to the Select Committee. I imagine there will have been many, judging from the latency on the Parliamentary website template for submissions. Irrespective of the strength of the possible treaty argument, a heavy handed law change that rural people see as unreasonable could have a high price. I have been a hunter for 50 years. I have a large rural property. I know hundreds of fire-arms users. I was unconcerned by a move against genuine MSSAs and large capacity magazines. But the Bill goes much further. Parliament will be largely unaware of the level of informal borrowing and use of firearms in rural communities, particularly among Maori, that occurs with indifference to current law let alone what is in the Bill. I can attest from personal knowledge to the degree of non-compliance with law on registration of vehicles, and driver licencing. There is similar non-compliance with gun owner licence requirements. I believe that the Police wisely avoid interfering where they feel there is likely to be no harm done. And with positive relationships, unless forced to act, they get cooperation and information from families that would be at risk if there was vigorous inspection or enforcement. But Police will have little alternative but to enforce the new law, though thousands of gun owners could decide to ignore it, or worse, to hide their guns, or to offer them to relatives or others who will be willing to ignore the law change. Those firearms will become invisible, whereas at present, the Police can expect reasonable frankness about them. A general problem when censorious children are elected to govern I see this issue as yet another where the urban ‘woke’ have utterly tin ears. New Zealand has avoided many irreconcilable political fights over competing values. Now an ignorant generation are looking for ways to anger their opponents by deliberately kicking sleeping dogs. Wise politicians pick no unnecessary fights that focus people on differences instead of on values they share. Gun law has not been a tribal political issue here. My Select Committee 17 years ago reached a cross party consensus. But it is a badging issue in the US. So our “progressives” start the same chants to ape their US betters. They want to stick it to gun owners to show who is in charge – to anger “deplorables”. Whether the changes have any connection to a problem or a solution is immaterial to them. It is not so much ‘virtue signalling’ as IFF – identifying friend from foe. From the same impulse they are trashing our 50 year old tacit deal on abortion (‘we’ll pretend we have a law against abortion and leave the issue alone, if you too pretend the same”). They look for any issue they can to stick the coercive state’s fat finger up the nose of Christians – while excusing the ghastliness of Islamism, again to ape their US models. They ended charter schools out of similar vindictiveness, thereby ensuring that whatever Hipkins does now in education will be reversed when he loses power. And on free speech and so called non-binary gender and many other ‘me too’ (in its original sense) progressive causes their language, their solutions and their reasons are entirely derivative. A consolation is that they are cementing their distance from the ordinary working people they have long scorned but claimed as the objects of their sanctimonious “altruism”. For a long time, scientists have known that certain types of fungi are attracted to radiation, and can actually help to break down and neutralize radiation in certain environments. The radioactive site of the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has acted as a real-life laboratory in many ways over the years, giving researchers a look into the physical impact that radiation has on plant and animal life. Image result for radiation absorbing fungus In 1991, while a team of researchers was searching the Chernobyl area remotely with robots, they noticed black-spotted fungi growing on the walls of one of the nuclear reactors. They also observed that the fungi appeared to be breaking down radioactive graphite from the core itself. The fungi also seemed to be growing towards the source of the radiation, as if it was attracted to it. Follow up research in 2007, at the University of Saskatchewan found that different types of fungi are attracted to radiation. A team led by Professor Ekaterina Dadachova observed that some types of fungi grew more rapidly when exposed to radiation. The three species that were tested were Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Cryptococcus neoformans and Wangiella dermatitidis, all of which grew faster when exposed to radiation. The scientists believe that since these species had large amounts of the pigment melanin, it allows them to absorb things like radiation and convert it into chemical energy for growth. Another follow-up study, in which eight species collected from the Chernobyl area were sent to the International Space Station (ISS) began in 2016, but has yet to be published. Scientists are eagerly awaiting the results of the study, considering that the samples are being exposed to between 40 and 80 times more radiation than they would here on Earth. If this study is successful, experts hope that the knowledge gained can be used to produce drugs that could protect astronauts from radiation on long-term missions. It has also been suggested that the results of this study could lead to the development of fungi-based cancer treatments. Following the terror attack in London earlier this month when two people were stabbed by an Islamic terrorist who’d recently been released from jail, the UK government has announced emergency legislation will be introduced to scrap the automatic early release of such prisoners. While the automatic release process prevented oversight by the Parole Board, the offender was considered such a serious risk to the public that he was being shadowed around the clock by two armed police officers. According to Scotland Yard, this was part of a proactive counter-terrorism surveillance operation. The terrorist was shot dead within 60 seconds of stabbing the two bystanders outside of the shop where he is alleged to have stolen a knife. One victim with minor injuries was discharged from hospital soon after the attack, while the other victim’s condition was said to no longer be life-threatening. The two victims of a similar attack last November were not so lucky. They were killed near London Bridge by another terrorist on early-release from jail. In that case the offender was half-way through a 16-year sentence for terrorism offences. At the present time in the UK, 74 offenders who were jailed on terrorism charges are out on parole, while a further 224 convicted terrorists remain in prison. The Government is hoping to rush their proposed Counter-Terrorism Bill through Parliament before February 28, to prevent any further terrorists from being released. The Bill would end their automatic early release without the oversight of the Parole Board and increase maximum sentences. The ideology of some offenders is regarded as so extreme, that in the interests of national security, it’s believed they should remain in prison indefinitely. As a result of changes to prioritise public safety over the ‘civil liberties’ of prisoners, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering suspending parts of the European Convention on Human Rights. In the past, legal challenges to such Government actions by human rights groups would almost certainly have ended up in the Supreme Court. But, as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, British journalist Melanie Phillips explains, change is now underway following the appointment of the 63-year-old Scottish Judge Lord Robert Reed as the UK’s new Chief Justice: “Are we seeing a crack developing in the hitherto impregnable human rights dogma which has helped emasculate Britain’s defences against terrorism? “The human rights lobby has consistently and largely successfully fought attempts over the years to strengthen the law against terrorism. It has found a receptive audience in Britain’s judicial establishment, for which the Human Rights Convention has the status of sacred doctrine. “Yet now, activists are reportedly reluctant to commit to pushing the all-too predictable legal challenges to whatever counter-terrorism legislation the government brings forward. ” Melanie says this is due to the Courts becoming more conservative and explains, “This is partly because of the retirement of the radical president of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale, and her replacement by a more traditional judge. “But it’s also because the higher judiciary is deeply sensitive to the need to retain public trust in the rule of law. And it has understood, not least from the general election result and the preceding uproar over parliament’s attempt to stop Brexit which was aided by the courts, that the public has had it up to here with an activist judiciary which is viewed as having helped undermine not just public security but democracy itself. ” In light of this change in the direction of the UK Courts, it’s interesting to reflect on the situation in New Zealand since we too recently changed our Chief Justice. The former head of our Judiciary, Dame Sian Elias, retired last March on her 70th birthday – the compulsory retirement age for New Zealand judges. She had been appointed to the role by the former National Party Prime Minister Jenny Shipley in 1999 and was considered a highly controversial selection. With numerous calls for her resignation over the years as a result of her ‘judicial activism’, there were high hopes that her replacement Dame Helen Winkelmann would avoid that trap. Not so, it seems. Appointed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, it appears the new Chief Justice’s views are consistent with the Labour Party’s commitment not only to gender and ethnic diversity, but also to strengthening racial privilege. In an address delivered last October, the new Chief Justice explained: “The judiciary’s claim to legitimacy rests in large part upon its ability to provide equal treatment before the law… If a judge is seen to favour one party over another for reasons unconnected to the merits of the case, then the public will lose confidence in that judge. But if the judiciary as a whole is seen to act in a manner that favours one sector of society over another, then the judiciary will lose its legitimacy. ” She then outlined her commitment to more women judges and more Maori judges – having already backed the appointment of the former head of the Waitangi Tribunal Sir Joe Williams to the Supreme Court. Her goal, she indicated, is to ‘re-educate’ judges and reform the whole justice system by introducing ‘tikanga’ Maori into the law. The Chief Justice does not appear to understand that by forcing the whole country to adopt the cultural extremism promoted by radical separatists, she is undermining the Rule of Law and with it the foundational concept of equality before the law, which she states is essential for giving the judiciary its legitimacy. So while many were hoping that our new Chief Justice may usher in a more conservative approach to the law, that now seems unlikely. Meanwhile, the fallout from Dame Sian’s radicalism continues. In 2005, the Herald wrote, “At the peak of disgruntlement about Elias last year, senior Government members were heard to talk of the need to ‘Sian-proof’ legislation. That means leaving as few ambiguities and loose ends in legislation before Parliament as possible in order to leave no room for later judicial activism, the usually pejorative term to describe development of new principles of law by judges to justify their decisions. ” The Herald described “the Government’s horror at the Court of Appeal’s foreshore and seabed judgment, led by Elias. The decision of June 2003 allowed for the possibility that the Maori Land Court could issue freehold title over the foreshore and seabed. Addressing the consequent legal uncertainties and upheavals in Maoridom dominated the political agenda for the next 18 months. ” Without a doubt Sian Elias’ Ngati Apa judgement was unprecedented judicial activism. By overturning a settled 1963 Court of Appeal ruling in the 90 Mile Beach case – that the Crown owned the foreshore and seabed under common law – in favour of finding that customary title might still exist, Sian Elias opened the floodgates to Maori claims for the coast. Hundreds poured in to the Maori Land Court, leaving the Labour Government apprehensive that her decision could lead to the privatisation of New Zealand’s entire coastline. This forced them to legislate. But the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act led to a fracturing of Labour as MP Tariana Turia left to set up the Maori Party. Under their influence, National later repealed Labour’s law, passing the controversial 2011 Marine and Coastal Area Act. The fact that this Act resulted in almost 600 claims to the coast – over 200 in the High Court with the balance to be determined by the Minister of Treaty Negotiations – demonstrates the disastrous impact that the Chief Justice’s reinterpretation of the law has had on this country. Again, as the Herald noted, the suspicion with which the judiciary and Sian Elias were regarded in some parliamentary quarters was because their activism made them “more likely to deliver decisions of the foreshore ilk – with a devil-may-care attitude to its consequences. ” And that’s the problem – the public are left to pick up the pieces. So here we are, almost 20 years later, facing multiple tribal claims for the country’s entire coastline. Last year the Attorney-General reviewed each of the 200 High Court applications for the coast and came to an initial view that the existence of overlapping claims meant that applicants could not meet the ‘exclusive use and occupation’ test in the law: “To the extent that there is any overlap with any other application, the Attorney-General says such overlap is inconsistent with the applicants’ claims to exclusive use and occupation of the application area without substantial interruption since 1840. ” As a result the Attorney-General came under attack from claimants attempting to restrict his role to that of an observer in the claims process rather than representing the public interest. This challenge to the role of Attorney-General became a matter for a pre-trial hearing late last year. Fortunately a member of the public, worried about the consequences for the entire claims process if the Attorney-General was sidelined, mounted a defence – in the public interest. The QC engaged to defend the Attorney-General’s role was the former Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, who had represented the public interest in 2016 in the only coastal claim to have been determined by the High Court. Chris Finlayson explained to the Court that it was Parliament’s intention for the Attorney-General to stand up for the public interest the High Court process – as noted by Judge Churchman: “Mr Finlayson referred to the adversarial structure of proceedings in the New Zealand Court system and submitted that, for a proper hearing to occur, cases generally needed to be opposed. He noted that, in relation to many applications under the Act, there may be no individual person or entity for whom the interests at stake from success of a particular application would amount to enough to justify the costs of formal intervention, particularly where interested parties, who are not applicants, do not have the benefit of funding from the Crown. He suggested that this was an example of where the Attorney-General could and should fullfil this role by considering every application and, where necessary, challenging evidence and offering a contradictory argument where one would not otherwise be offered to the Court. ” The Judge found against the claimants, with no restrictions imposed on the Attorney-General. Later this year, the first of the claims are scheduled to be heard in the High Court. In August it is the Edwards claim for a stretch of Bay of Plenty coastline south of Opotiki and out to the edge of the Territorial Sea. And in November it is the Clarkson claim in the Southern Hawkes Bay for the coast from Whangaehu to Cape Turnagain. In light of the fact that it became evident early in the claims process that with many taxpayer-funded lawyers arguing in favour of awarding control of the coastline to tribal claimants, and few – if any – voices opposed, the Landowners Coalition registered as an Interested Party in the claims to help oppose them in the public interest. The Coalition is now working with the law firm of former MP Stephen Franks. They intend hiring a QC to challenge these first two claims on the basis that the judicial determination of the meaning of “exclusive use and occupation” decided in these claims will likely have a precedent effect on all others. They will maintain that “exclusive” means what it says, and does not mean “shared” use and occupation, which is what the overlapping claimants will argue – especially in the first Edwards case, where there are more than 20 overlapping claims. If you would like to support the Landowners Coalition to help ensure the public’s voice in the High Court claims process is as strong as possible, please click HERE. The Landowners Coalition is also working with locals in the claimed areas who understand only too clearly the opportunistic nature of the claims that have been lodged. A tycoon with links to Prince Andrew has been accused of raping teenagers he lured to his Bahamas mansion. Peter Nygard, 78, allegedly told girls as young as 14 he could make them models before raping them and forcing them into performing ‘deviant acts’. Andrew visited Nygard at his lavish estate in 2000, after the Canadian fashion designer had agreed out-of-court settlements with three employees who accused him of sexual harassment. The prince and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson stayed at Nygard Cay, near Nassau, with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. The new case threatens further embarrassment for Andrew, who stepped back from public life last year following a backlash over his relationship with paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein. According to a 99-page lawsuit filed against him in New York, Nygard used his ten-bedroom mansion to host ‘pamper parties’ for teenage girls recruited at shopping malls and fashion events. He and his employees told the girls they could be fashion models, but then plied them with wine and drugs before Nygard allegedly raped them. Three alleged victims were 14-year-old virgins and said they felt scared and humiliated by the attacks, which left one needing medical treatment. The case has been brought on behalf of ten women who allege they were raped by Nygard. Eight were teenage girls and two were adult employees on the Nassau estate. Lawyers said Nygard, who is worth an estimated £690million, ran a ‘decades-long sex trafficking scheme’ that destroyed innocent lives. They said he used his company’s private jet, dubbed ‘N-Force’, to take his victims with him on visits to London, Germany, Italy and China, and treated them as his ‘personal servants’. Two yachts were allegedy used to transport drugs and liquor for the parties and Nygard was said to keep a database of 7, 500 potential victims. The case has parallels with some of the accusations against Epstein, who used his private jet, known as the Lolita Express, to traffic young women and girls. One Epstein victim, Virginia Roberts, claims she was trafficked to London and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she when she was 17. Andrew has repeatedly denied her account and he is not involved in the Nygard lawsuit. A spokesman for Nygard said the allegations were ‘completely false, without foundation and are vigorously denied’. A white supremacist jailed for sharing disturbing footage of the Christchurch mosque shootings has been banned from the city’s two mosques – and from having any contact with all Muslims. Philip Neville Arps, 45, who was sentenced to 21 months in prison last June for spreading disturbing footage of the Al Noor Mosque massacre, will be released from custody today. Arps will be electronically monitored with a GPS tracker, an ankle bracelet that will trigger alerts if he enters “exclusion zones” around Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Masjid in Christchurch where the shootings happened. Last week, the Department of Corrections applied for extra release conditions, on top of the raft of conditions imposed on him when he was sentenced at Christchurch District Court on June 18 – including a blanket internet ban, inspections of any electronic device capable of accessing the internet, counselling, and drug or alcohol treatment programmes. Corrections officials said they have “ongoing concerns” about Arps’ risk to the public, in particular to the Muslim community, after fears over his “general behavior” towards prison staff, along with intercepted letters and phone calls. The content of those letters and phone conversations were suppressed by Judge Stephen O’Driscoll at a special hearing over Arps’ prison release conditions at Christchurch District Court on Monday. Judge O’Driscoll today approved extra special release conditions, which includes a ban on Arps entering or loitering near any mosque, prayer room, or any other place where the Muslim community congregates, without prior written approval from his probation officer. The Christchurch businessman, who owns a Nazi-themed insulation company, is also not allowed to contact or associate with any Muslims without approval. Corrections said the moves were for “victim safety” and felt that jail time hadn’t reduced his risk to the Muslim community. Arps, who does not hold a gun licence and has more than 30 previous criminal convictions for indecent assault, guns, drugs, burglary, and fraud, is also not allowed to possess or use firearms, or to be involved in airsoft or BB gun activities. Arps had challenged the extra conditions sought by Corrections. Through defence counsel Anselm Williams, he argued that the existing “carefully considered” release conditions would be sufficient and was critical that the Corrections report writer had never met with Arps in person and spoken to him about his views or correspondence. There was nothing to suggest Arps was a physical threat or at a heightened risk of reoffending, Williams said. A Corrections official who gave evidence at the hearing said that Arps, who compares himself to Adolf Hitler’s deputy and war criminal Rudolf Hess, found anyone who disagrees with his belief system to be offensive. She fears he could harm the Muslim community again “through his views … most likely through online advocacy”. The Muslim Association of Canterbury supported the extra release conditions, saying the community is “still very much traumatised” and says it’s imperative that Arps, who maintains his anti-Muslim rhetoric cannot visit or be seen around mosques nationwide. Corrections also expressed concern over Arps’ business Beneficial Insulation, with its various Nazi symbols and white supremacist messages, and sought a condition that prevents him from using his employment as a platform to promote extreme views. However, Judge O’Driscoll did not impose that condition. "We should not think of ourselves as Maoris or pakehas, but rather as one people. ” – Labour Prime Minister Walter Nash, Waitangi Day 1960. With Waitangi Day coming up on Thursday, it is interesting to look back at its chequered history. The first official commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6 occurred in 1934, two years after the Treaty grounds were gifted to the nation by the Governor-General Lord Bledisloe. During the 1940 centennial celebration of the signing of the Treaty, newspapers described Waitangi as the ‘cradle of the nation’ and the Treaty as the ‘foundation of nationhood’. Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage emphasised national pride and unity. While there were annual celebrations at Waitangi, it was not until the passing of the Waitangi Day Act in 1960 that the 6th of February became ‘a national day of thanksgiving in commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi’. Although there was no public holiday, regions were encouraged to recognise Waitangi Day using their existing public holidays. It was during the 1972 election campaign that Labour leader Norman Kirk promised February 6th would become a national holiday. In his first speech at Waitangi as Prime Minister in 1973, Norman Kirk said, “Tonight I want to say that we weld together in New Zealand, not a society which demands that some give up their identity in the interest of a majority but we each preserve our culture and our identity and concentrate on building a society in which we have equal opportunity to participate in the benefits and responsibilities of New Zealand. ” In that spirit of unity the Prime Minister insisted that the day of celebration should be called New Zealand Day – a day for all New Zealanders to observe our different identities and the sense of nationhood that brought us together. He wanted to ensure the day was owned by everyone, irrespective of race or heritage. He thought of New Zealand as a nation of people of different backgrounds, all bound together by our common citizenship and love of our country. He said, “This is our nation, our opportunity to foster and encourage New Zealand nationhood that we mark with pride and gratitude what has been, and resolve that for the future together we work to build the society in New Zealand that gratifies us and becomes the envy of others. ” The New Zealand Day Act was passed into law on the 19th of October 1973. The first New Zealand Day commemoration, on the 6th of February 1974, coincided with a Royal Visit by the Queen. There was a large extravaganza celebrating New Zealand’s many different nationalities including Maori, English, Irish, Scots, Dalmatians, Danes, Dutch, Pacific Islanders and Indians. All were recognised for the part they played in the country’s journey to nationhood. Prime Minister Kirk said, “I want to pay tribute to all those who join together tonight to give New Zealand on this first New Zealand Day a glimpse of the forces and the inheritance of history that made us what we are. Our future will be what we make of it for ourselves: the sum total of our daily actions and our willingness to join together. And if we join together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect, everything is possible, nothing is beyond us. Let each New Zealand Day stand as a milestone before which we pause and review our efforts and refreshed, press on to build the future that we can earn. ” Thirty years later, Prime Minister Kirk’s colleague, the former MP and historian Dr Michael Bassett, wrote “Norman Kirk reinterpreted Governor Hobson’s comment that we were ‘one people’ into a more realistic assessment of what we had become. He said we were ‘one nation, many people’, then added that we all had equal rights. ” Sadly, New Zealand Day was short lived. National’s new Prime Minister Robert Muldoon changed it back to Waitangi Day in 1976, laying the way for it to become a day of grievance rather than celebration. According to Dr Bassett, a small number of radicals killed off Norman Kirk’s dream of unity. He believed it could be restored if a government had the courage to honour the things that bind us, instead of appeasing the small minority that are intent on pulling us apart. If Norman Kirk’s vision had been retained, then the 6th of February would be a national celebration of nationhood – a day for acknowledging our shared culture and pride in our country. Kiwi culture is of course multi-dimensional. It not only includes our ancestral customs and other symbols of our historical inheritance, but predominantly, it relates to the way we live our daily lives – the language we speak, the way we think, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the games we play, the television programmes and movies we watch, the books and magazines we read, the work we do, the sports and recreation we follow. What Norman Kirk may not have anticipated back when he was promoting unity, was the emergence of cultural fundamentalists. These radical separatists, who see everything through the prism of culture, are determined to divide New Zealand by dominating Kiwi culture with their contrived customs and practices. Their ultimate objective was expressed by Te Uraroa Flavell, the former MP and Maori Party co-leader, some years ago when he declared “Aotearoa, should be in Maori hands”. Regrettably, the population at large do not seem to be aware of their goal. And politicians seem all too willing to turn a blind eye when it suits their political ambitions. That’s what makes the on-going attempts by the Maori tribal elite to use culture as a means of gaining political control so dangerous. The reality is that New Zealanders should be free to live their lives without being subjugated by separatists pushing their radical sovereignty agenda onto the country. That includes freedom from those whose agenda is to replace English in the established names of such things as places, streets, mountains, rivers, parks, reserves, buildings and businesses, with a Maori language version. Nor should these cultural fundamentalists have the right to curtail the freedom to celebrate customs that have come from immigrants’ home countries – including the tradition of recognising Guy Fawkes Day on November the 5th. Those who want to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day should be free to do so, without the fear that the call of Maori activists to commandeer November 5th for Parihaka Day through legislation, may be forced onto New Zealanders. While those who want to commemorate Parihaka Day on November 5th should be free to do so, their claim that it is “much more relevant than Guy Fawkes” is questionable – there is something about the plot to blow up Parliament in 1605 that captured the public imagination and has withstood the test of time! Similarly, the Dutch community should be free to continue to celebrate their Christmas tradition of having St Nicholas assisted by Black Pete. Many Dutch immigrants arrived in New Zealand in the 1950s from post-war Europe, working hard to help build our nation. They have gone about their business largely un-noticed – until some cultural fanatics decided that having someone dressed up with a blackface was ‘racist’, ‘deeply disturbing’, and not OK ‘under any circumstances’. With an admirable directness and cynicism towards authority, when the Christchurch Netherlands Society was asked whether they were bothered about the criticism from Maori – and from the United Nations – their reply was a simple “No! ” They intend to continue celebrating their traditions undeterred. And good on them. To his credit the Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon also believes that Black Pete is not a problem: “I encourage the Dutch society to celebrate St Nicholas day with Black Pete. ” When cultural bullies attempt to destroy the right of others to enjoy their own traditional customs in New Zealand, we should stand up to them. Just as it is now deemed unacceptable in a secular New Zealand to force Christianity onto anyone, so it should also be unacceptable for Maori to force their spiritualism onto others. Yet that’s what’s happening more and more in government-controlled agencies including schools – in many cases under the guise of ‘cultural competency’. In effect, this represents an extremist assault on the rights of employees and children. It is also a sad indictment on New Zealand politicians that in the last decade, successive governments have enabled a minority of cultural bullies to embed their extremism into our public service and society in general. So in this election year, we are encouraging everyone to reject fundamentalism – cultural fundamentalism, racial fundamentalism, environmental fundamentalism – all forms of extremism. Like the Dutch, we need to find the courage to say “No! ” We should also be encouraging all of those people who intend standing for Parliament to oppose cultural extremism. This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy, in his article that looks back at the founding of New Zealand adds his voice to the stand against extremism: “It is time for the abolition of those separatist symbols – the Maori seats and the Waitangi Tribunal. They have outlived any use they may have once had, and they are now an affront to the common sense of hard-working New Zealanders, Maori and Pakeha alike. “As the recent British elections have shown the day of reckoning always comes when the ‘common people’ make known their views to the ‘ruling classes’ for whom the outcome is shockingly painful. That day is not far off in New Zealand. ” We can only hope that the coming election will mark a turnaround for New Zealand – towards the vision of unity expressed by our former Prime Ministers. In the meantime this Waitangi Day promises to be yet another day of tribal demands from the elite of Maoridom who want more power and control. According to some news sources, it may also signal the disastrous opening up of private land to Treaty claims through a deal to end the Ihumatao protest. There is speculation that $45 million of taxpayers’ money will be granted to the Auckland Council to buy the disputed land from Fletcher Building. The land would then be given to Tainui, who would – apparently – then gift it back to the Auckland Council as a reserve, with a block kept aside for housing. If this deal goes ahead, it will signal the end of secure property rights in New Zealand, by empowering all settled Treaty claimants to demand to revisit their agreements to include private land. As Labour MP Peeni Henare warned back in July, “If the Government steps in to buy this land back, we undermine every Treaty settlement that’s been done to date. We then allow re-litigation of settlements that have been done in the past and are we prepared for that? ” Already the President of the Maori Party is promising an election policy that will include a total overhaul of the Treaty settlement process to include privately owned land. In fact, opening up private land for Treaty settlements was always the protestors’ goal: “Here at Ihumatao we are challenging the notion that the government can simply wash its hands of the confiscation of lands that happened in the 1860s, simply because the land has been transferred into private hands. This struggle for justice… has shown us that our democracy is wanting and needing to be reviewed. ” Overturning this country’s private property rights safeguard signals a significant threat to social stability. One has only to look at the history of land confiscations in Zimbabwe to see where this could lead New Zealand. It is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who is responsible for the Ihumatao stand-off, by going against official advice and interfering in the process. If the Government gives in to the protestors and the $45 million taxpayer-funded deal to undermine private property rights goes ahead, it should surely signal the end of her re-election chances in September Tongan workers in Tasmania said this week they wanted to warn people in the kingdom what they were getting themselves into by joining the Seasonal Worker Programme in Australia. We want them to know the truth. People just pay for the airfares and come over here because they don’t have the information they need, ” the workers told the ABC. Their comments came after the latest accusations of substandard housing of Tongan workers employed by Costa, this time involving accommodation owned by Burnie Mayor Steve Kons Despite the benefits remittances and labour mobility bring to Pacific Island workers, recent events have shown they need to be offered proper protection from exploitation. There have been concerns about the treatment of regional workers on both sides of the Tasman. New Zealand In New Zealand a major case has been brought to trial over the alleged exploitation of 13 Samoan workers. Legal expert Dr Jade Lindley told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat programme that many Pacific Islanders travelling to New Zealand and Australia were vulnerable to trafficking. Dr Lindley said reports of trafficking and slavery in the seasonal agricultural industry were common. “We definitely have seen these types of cases before, ” Dr Lindley told Pacific Beat. Last year Australia’s National Union of Workers said the exploitation of migrants was rampant in the agricultural sector. The union NUW said it was launching an investigation into exploitation in Australia’s fruit picking industry where some foreign farm workers were enduring “slave-like conditions” and receiving wages as low as $8 a day. Fiona Reynolds, chair of the UN Financial Sector Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking said that while Australia’s anti-slavery laws set a global benchmark, labour laws needed to be reformed to address the risks of slavery in agriculture. Australia had a long and unenviable reputation of exploiting Islander workers on its colonial sugar plantations. Unfortuntaley, there have been too many stories of workers from across the Pacific having bad experiences in Australia under the current scheme for the days of blackbirding not be recalled.

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