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  1. Genre - Thriller
  2. 410 Vote
  3. Info - A woman returns to her family home and discovers it to be inhabited by monsters
  4. Duration - 90 min
  5. Padraig Reynolds

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Dark light watch online without. First of all, let it be clear, Dark Light isn't a gem nor a masterpiece but in this genre (horror/sci-fi) it's worth a watch. There is a good tension building throughout the movie, mostly due to very good sound effects (I can't say enough how this part is essential if you want a good horror movie) a refreshing story (it's a bit different than the usual entities or monsters) some decent actors, and a completely new vilain (credits for the originality. That said you won't be blown away but it's entertaining for this genre of movies. Dark Light deserves a higher rating than it actually gets.

👍👍👍❤❤❤❤🥰🥰😍😍. Dark light movie watch online. Dark light watch online watch. The noncery runs deep in this vermin. A bullet to the back of the head would be kind to these twisted degenerates. Empowering 😂🖕🏻🇮🇱🐀. Tok Tok er moto joss friend. Dark Light watch online. 🇹🇷2020🇹🇷VARMI. 2020 FLOYD maçından gelenler. A malevolent order. Watch dark light online. Don't expect any smart plot twists or a complicated storyline. This one is a straightforward creature flick, it's alright for a fun night. That picture is dope, where is this from. Dark light watch online tv. Dark light watch online full.

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999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% Gangster 0% Mumble Rap 0% Naked women 0% Bling 1% Cars 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% Skill and Rap Talent. Dark Light Watch online casino. Uicide Boy get me through everything in life. I can't thank crim and Ruby enough for how they have helped me through life. I choose not to abuse drugs when I become sad and uicide Boy present an amazing alternative to escape the pain. I will forever have a place in my heart for them no homo.

Dark Light Watch online ecouter. Dark light watch online game. The Car Beautiful. Dark Light Watch online. Dark Light Watch online pharmacy. Dark light watch online store. 0:14 FATALITY. Dark light watch online torrent. Dark light watch online streaming. Watch dark light free online. Dark light watch online. I didn't really have much of any expectations for "Dark Light" from writer and director Padraig Reynolds. But still, this was a new horror movie, and being a life-long avid horror afficianado, of course I took the time to sit down and watch "Dark Light.
Turns out that it was actually time, money and effort well invested, because "Dark Light" turned out to be a rather enjoyable horror movie. What really worked was the way that director Padraig Reynolds had managed to capture the essence of the horror movies that I grew up with during the late 1980s and early 1990s. So this felt very much like a trip down memory lane for me.
While the storyline was generic; especially for someone like myself having grown up watching just about every single horror movie that I could manage to get my hands on, then there was just something essentially right about this movie.
The creature design was definitely interesting, and something that you haven't really seen in other movies. I will not ruin anything here and give anything away, you just have to watch it for yourself.
As for the acting in the movie, well of course you shouldn't be expecting any award-winning performances here, because the movie is not driven by character performances. Don't get me wrong here, because I will say that the acting in the movie was good.
My rating of "Dark Light" is a six out of ten stars.

These are the movies which just kind of pass by without the world noticing. just like me around girls. Dark light 2019 watch online. Respect guys another fine job. Im addicted to this video its amazing. Night Lovell is da bomb. This is for tryharD from gta 5 ✡✡. Dark light watch online movie. Dark light watch online hindi. Dark light watch online live. Dark light the art of blind photographers watch online. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I picked up this book because I started the Sev7en books (which I hated and abruptly stopped during book 2) and really liked a scene where we meet Gabriella. She seemed so sweet, wise, and powerful. This story revolves around a very immature Gabriella falling into instalove with a hesitant but equally smitten, very experienced male MC. He sucks and so does she most of the time. The story repeats this inner dialogue of how much she loves him over and over that feels desperate and childish. I skimmed more than half of that stuff. Also he has this "hidden" secret that's very obvious but never confronted. I think we are supposed to believe she doesn't see it out of magical obfuscation? I honestly dont know. I couldn't get through the book even hoping to see the Gabriella I'd met in the other book which is unlike me. I generally finish books I don't like out of sheer stubbornness, the fact I couldn't get through more than one book by this author might be telling. There were parts that just made me feel bad/frustrated and I couldn't figure out why they were included in the story. Like they didn't move the story forward, or shape the characters or their actions in anyway, just detracted from my enjoyment. I noticed that in Sev7en too. Maybe the author is trying to create angst or something. Whatever the case I wont be reading anything from her again. Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I only started this series because I read Born Sinners and that book was amazing! Now I know there is a lot of mixed reviews and I can agree with it not being the best. It was pretty steamy, but I like books to have more story then just sex. Now the main character does start off strong and then ends up being ridiculously stupid that you feel yourself saying is she seriously that naive! Although you might not want to continue the series I say don't give up it gets better and explains Gaberiella behavior in the next book. I read the whole series and I absolutely loved it. This book was not the best but believe me when I say this series is really good. Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I actually stumbled along this book in my neverending kindle tbr list. I have so many books that I buy when they are on sale or free but don't actually read them unless I can't find anything else that I just have to read. I was scanning through my list when I happen upon this cover, the cover alone caught my attention, so I read the blurb and thought, why not. I'm a huge fan of paranormal, sex and darkness. This book promised them all and didn't disappoint. But there where some things that I didn't like either... possible spoiler alert continue with caution............ Gabrielle, who is our female lead, has just turned twenty when her adopted parents drop a bomb on her that she's not exactly human and that comes with some magical perks, although she won't get the full effect until her twenty-first birthday when she ascends. In the beginning of the book Gabrielle is strong, loyal, a little closed off with people other than her tight nit group and she had a "take no s**t" attitude. And then Dorian walks into her life and it seems like he almost put a spell on her because, well, she changes and all of the clues to the answers she wants is slapping her in the face, yet she can't see them? They are like the brightest neon sign, lit up flashing the answers and she chooses to ignore them purposely! Even when he's pretty much giving her huge hints that he knows about her! He's dark, definitely dark and even before it tells you at the ending of the book I had guessed who he was. I also didn't like the abrupt ending and am so glad the next book is already out so I don't have to wait. I gave the book four stars because it was written well, I really liked the premises of the book and I want to see where the next book leads. And the sex, Ha! So despite the issues I had with it and that freaking ending... it was still a good book. Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase This is hands-down one of the most intriguing, compelling books I have ever read! I was held captive from page one and could not put this book down. This book is so original, so fascinating, that you can’t help but be sucked in and want to know more. I loved the subtle cues throughout indicating who Gabrielle is and who Dorian is. It constantly kept you guessing because you had theories, ideas about what they were, who by were, what they could be to each other. But reading on, not everything is as it seems. The chemistry between Gabrielle and Dorian is off the charts!!! I love the intimacy and passion between the two not just in the bedroom, just when they are around each other in general. There is something so enthralling about them, something that lingers, something that really makes you see both the light and the dark. I cannot wait to see where the rest of this series goes!! Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I am still in absolute shock. That was the most fantastic cliffhanger I've ever read!! This book is an absolute must read!! S. L. Jennings has written a story that has made me connect with everything about it: it's characters, the storyline, and the connection between Gabriella and Dorian. Beautifully written! Gabriella has gone through life feeling like she's not special, unique, or interesting. When she turns 20, everything changes. Secrets about her past, her parents, and who she is are revealed. Decisions will need to be made by the time she turns 21 and consequences will need to be dealt with. Gabriella meets Dorian and the attraction is instant. The can't stay away from each other and it is clear that feelings are being developed. She's been advised to not trust anyone but her adoptive parents but Dorian wouldn't hurt her, right? He's her lifeline and she is his, but there are still some truths that are yet to be revealed. This book ends on a cliffhanger. Books 2 and 3 are currently available. Top international reviews 4. 0 out of 5 stars Intruiging Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 26, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase The Plot Gabriella is a twenty year old woman living what everyone can agree is mediocre. She has no Idea the direction she wants to take her life in. She is undecided about her major, works in retail and hasn’t experienced any meaningful love relationships. This all changes on her 20th Birthday when she discovers she is a one of a kind being, something that has never been seen before. She has a destiny to fulfill but first she has a choice to make. There was quite a major plot twist but one I think that everyone can see coming, that is of course, Gabi. The Characters The characters were all intruiging in their own right. Gabriella, is a bit niave that she couldn’t seem to work out certain aspects of the story/events. “What Dorian has been trying to relay to me all along. What I have been trying like anything to run from since my 20th birthday, still trying to hold on to just a shred of normalcy. He knows who I am. He knows I’m the Dark Light, and the beautiful dream boasting colorful images of love, contentment and a future with the alluring man I so desperately love disintegrates right before my eyes, morphing into a horrifying, bloodcurdling nightmare”. Dorian first meets Gabi while at a club and they stare at one another like no one else exists. His presence and the subsequent meeting leaves a lasting impression. He is an enigma for sure, mood swings, mysterious trips to greece and his mysterious changing eye colour. The naughty moments between the two characters were hot and their is definite chemistry between them and not just the magical element. “Because it’s easier to pretend with someone who hardly knows you than to be yourself with someone who loves you for all that you are. ” The backing characters were fun and interesting too – Morgan (Gabi’s best friend) has a small amount of magic in her too and brought some nice lightheartedness to the dialogue. The conflict between Gabi and Jared was intense but I did find myself more rooting for Dorian. I enjoyed the budding romance taking place and although it did come across as an obsession between Gabi and Dorian, the real issue at hand was her magical abilities and the impending issue of her asension. The Setting The story takes place in Colorado Springs, although we know that Dorian’s heritage is in Greece. It was interesting to have a character that was from another country and learn the true meaning of Dorian’s surname. The Writing This book was the first book that I have read by the author. I did find the first couple of chapters a little bit on the slow side but as the story started getting going it flowed beautifully and I got through the book very quickly. I couldn’t flaw her writing style or pace. What I didn’t like The only thing I could possibly say that I didn’t like was, how little that Gabi seemed to connect the dots surrounding Dorian. I think as a reader it was quite obvious what was going to emerge at the end. I highly recommend this book. I didn’t realise that it was released in 2012, but it still is a very good Paranormal Romance. It produces a lot of FEELS. I need to run and get the 2nd book, Dark Prince, like now. There are so many characters to relate to and fall in love with. It’s a great story, this is completely different from what I usually read but I will dip into Paranormal Romance again.. I’m glad I gave this book a chance and hopefully it’s opened me up to the genre as a whole. Sending feedback... Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Report abuse 2. 0 out of 5 stars Pity Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 6, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase It could have been a great storyline, but was somehow destroyed by endless carving sex. Sorry, I don't mind to have sex or erotic in a book. But it was just to much, a bit less would have had a better development in the storyline. I thought she is a strong characters, but the storyline made her needy and very annoying that she can't be without him, craving him constantly it was at the start already annoying but it got more and more, for such strong character, misplaced. As well I found it a bit weird that she didn't think that Dorian could be dark, because of his futures, blue ice and black hair like her father, I guess that some thought the same when reading this book that she is not that smart, not to find out that something is just not right with Dorian. I quite like Dorian character but would have liked more dark things from him. More dark charisma, just more. I found some parts just to predictable. As well Gabrielle could show a bit more respect for her parents, she thinks about it, but does the opposite, it make her mean. And her friendship with Jared is just not right, he is so in love with her and she also and kicks her love away, very weird behaviour. So I hope the second part has more action and better conversation between characters. 1. 0 out of 5 stars Now I love a good fantasy book I read them all the... Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 24, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Now I love a good fantasy book I read them all the time so some grip me from the start and grow and build into a Hugh climax ending which leaves you desperate to buy book 2, alas this did not, however It did start off quite promising and like every fantasy book you need to learn and get to know the characters first, so I persevered and finished it. Well in the end it was awful the main characters apart from jarred irritated me to no end as far as I was concerned this book was all about sex and believe me that's all Gab and Dorian did nothing else, to me there was no romance between them just sex which got more s and m as time went on it was very graphic which I found unnecessary. WHERE WAS THE MAGIC I love fantasy books for the magic and the romance but this was just erotic sex throughout I found myself towards the end skipping the pages as I got so board of her needy character. I will not be downloading book 2 One person found this helpful I liked and I didn't like Gabriella at the same time Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 26, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I read Born Sinner before I read this book and I think that's the reason I am struggling to rate this. So I am going with 3. 5 stars.... I liked and I didn't like Gabriella at the same time. I loved the fact that she was just a normal girl coasting along getting drunk in life with no real plans and the fact that she is 'special'. But she didn't see what was in front of her face for ages and she isn't stupid. It made me want to scream! The sex was hot and so was Dorian (but the fact he has blue eyes was mentioned waaay to much)! I loved Dorian! The storyline was great and original but I did get a bit fed up at all the detail about clothes, places etc, there was so much and it took away a bit of enjoyment for me trying to digest all that detail. Maybe it's me? I've had a hectic day and i just wanted to immerse myself in a non complicated book? I'm torn, I want more Dorian and I want to see what happens but because of the above I am not sure. I might break my cardinal rule and go and read some reviews on book 2 before I decide...... 3. 0 out of 5 stars Not sure Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 24, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I liked the first half of this book, Gabriella learning who she is and meeting a gorgeous stranger who wants to get to know her but after she falls for him everything is about them having sex and there is nothing much else happening. Apparently Gabriella is being hunted because of who her birth parents are but apart from the occasional message on her car or through the post nothing else happens except the sex between Dorian and Gabs. I'm currently reading the second book but I'm not sure why I bothered because Gabs who is meant to be a strong willed character in the first half of book 1 is like a love sick puppy all the time who just wants to have sex with Dorian who she constantly gushes every other sentence about how perfect Dorian is in every way including how kind and loving he is. hello am I the only one that think Gabs should grow a set and tell him off when's he's being a dick and if she does she is drinking and mopping about the cruel things she said when he was being a jerk she just gets dead depressed (gag) suck it up women. I dislike weak women when it comes to men. He is dark not so he's far from perfect. 5. 0 out of 5 stars supberb book Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 10, 2012 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase this book is fantastic i just loved it and could not put it down the book had me right from the beginning when gabriella described the effect Dorian had on her and how he made her story is fantastic and all the other characters too Jared is smouldering in the background but for me its Dorian what an alluring sexy brooding mysterious character he tally fell for him!!! A fabulous book i cannot wait for book 2 the dark prince whens it out i want to read it now lol!!!!! if i could give this book ten stars i would and tastic 4 people found this helpful What a surprise Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 24, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Wow!!!! I had this book on my kindle to be read for a little while and kept putting it off; in favour of other books. When I finally decided, having run out of books that cried out to be read, to reluctantly begin reading this one. I can't even explain what it was that had put me off because from page one I was hooked. The story was original not a done to death boring plot which I guess I assumed it would be. The characters were described with such love and depth you knew exactly what they looked like in your mind and their personalities. The interactions among them all made me wish I was part of their friend set. Gabriella, although just starting out already shows signs of being a strong female character ( which I love) and although Dorian is a true alpha male full of danger, we have already seen a softer side to him. I was desperate to finish this book but didn't want to reach the end, so was very pleased to see that due to my procrastination I only have a couple of weeks until the next book - The Dark Prince is due out.... Thanks to all that is Dark and Light as I really couldn't have waited much longer for this sequel. If like me you have looked at this book and were unsure wether to give it a go, please read it. You won't be disappointed. OMG I love this book & series Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 10, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I didn't think this would hold me captive the way it did. Very well written and such a fab read! Gabriella is a boring young one who has no aspirations for her future. She was adopted at birth and grew up being a normal girl. On her 20th birthday her adopted mother gives her a box that holds a journal that was her birth mothers. Upon reading this journal Gabriella learns she is no ordinary girl and in 1 years time will receive powers beyond her wildest dreams. Her birth mother was a light and her birth father was a has some decisions to make to decide 2 people found this helpful Dorian is my new alpha hero! A great start to a new series! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 1, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover right? Well, I have to admit on this occasion I did and I'm very glad. The beautiful design is what made me look at this book when I was browsing through amazon one day. Then I read the blurb and it got me even more interested. I read some reviews then bought this and the second in the series The Dark Prince together for a great price. Fifty Shades of Paranormal Grey? Yes there were times that this reminded me of the popular trilogy and Dorian definitely had a little CG vibe going on but even more mysterious and possibly even hotter! This was a great read. It initially took me a little while to get used to the writing style--first person, present tense is usually not my thing--but once I did I began to feel comfortable. Gabriella is a young woman who I think many, like myself, will relate to. I liked her from the off. Her strong personality and independence was a welcome change from some of the more needy woa-is-me types that you often find in romance stories. Early on in the story she finds out some astonishing information about who she really is and instead of feeling sorry for herself she chooses to deal with it her own way, by herself in an attempt to protect her family and friends. "It's Just... I never wanted to be some dainty damsel in distress. I never wanted to be rescued. I've never been that girl. " During her journey of self discovery she meets yes, sexy, smouldering Dorian. Well, what can I say about this gorgeous alpha male other than the fact that he's mysteriously hot, dark, flirtatiously seductive... shall I go on? I found myself falling under his spell as well as Gabriella and all though he was dominant in ways, he was also quite tender. And even though and I found myself wondering if he could be trusted, and still do, I think i've found myself a new hero to get all giddy about. The story itself was a little slow paced and even though it is paranormal romance there wasn't a lot of anything paranormal, in fact I would say it was more like contempory romance with a little bit of magic for the most part. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the magic element instead of just being told it existed but I'm hoping for a lot more in the next book. There wasn't much in the way of action in this either. It seemed to focus more on the relationship between the two main characters which certainly wasn't a bad thing. I really got to know the characters and the chemistry between Gabriella and Dorian was really great. There was quite a bit more sex than I was expecting (which was HOT! ) but I'm not complaining at all. I loved the fact that their developing romance was the focus of the book and almost wanted to skip the parts where Dorian wasn't in it because I missed him so much! I really think that S. Jennings has done a great job with the character building in this book and has started the series off nicely. The plot moved on slowly but surely. We still have a lot of questions, mainly about Dorian and even more so after the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of it. (I gasped! ) Now I'm expecting really good things from The Dark Prince and I'm certainly going to jump straight into the second installment. Thank god I bought them both! Linsey @ Okay Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 18, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Liked the storyline but poor delivery. The story concentrates more on sex and how wonderful Dorian is that the main character, Gab is blinded to reality. She knows so much but chooses to ignore what's right in front of her. It is so annoying and she is so stupid. Yet I am curious how the story will unfold. This book lacks action and subsidence lets hope it picks up in the next book or I wont be reading anymore. The sex is over the top I don't like to read about S&M sex there is absolutely no need. LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 26, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I must admit it took me a few chapters to get Into it but once you're past all the "this is who you are" journal stuff which is a bit tedious but essential, then that's when it gets good. I also wasn't totally convinced about gabs and Dorians relationship/attraction to each other at he start it that soon warms up. oh and sometimes I got frustrated about gabs turning a blind eye at every clue as to Dorians identity (but this is rectified in book 2), and of course when you find out you're not human you go straight to work and start reading a magazine in Starbucks. BUT, it still gets 5 stars because I loved it and the 2nd book is even better. Cant wait for the 3rd!!!! Amazing! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 19, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I couldn't put it down! Characters are engaging and real. The story is unusual and enchanting. Although I guessed the twist, it was interesting to watch the Gabi struggle over listening to her heart and body over her head and what made sense. A pleasure to read and I will definitely be reading more by S. Jennings Long overdue review! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 18, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I bought this book in March 2013 and it's safe to say, I have re-read at least several times and recommended it on many book sites! The storyline, the characters, the plot, twists and drama! Seriously amazing! This book sucks you into its world and makes it hard to leave to continue with everyday life (which is boring once you've immerced yourself into this story). & Dorian.. HOT DAMN! <3 dark, mysterious, deadly.. Everything you want in a story like this, or even a story full stop! Get one clicking! You will not regret it! Lovee Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 9, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end, I was originally put off by a review stating the story didn't really focus on the magic side of things because I love a good supernatural romance, but that was not true at all. It had magic, love, suspense. I just loved the mystery surround Dorian until the very end, can't wait to start reading book 2 in the series. Must read page turner!!! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 23, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase After reading the Eden series, I simply couldn't resist more of SL Jennings wordcraft. The way she weaves the story is sheer brilliance. Each part is gripping, sensual and inspired. She certainly left me begging for more. Book 2 can't download quick enough! Report abuse

Watch dark light online free. I have to say that Universal's Dark Universe movie franchise was off to a horrible start with The Mummy, but this looks more promising. Dark Light Watch online poker. Pubg Oynayıp ta bu müziği açmayan da Ne bilim yani. I enter a different world while listening to this 😂🤣😂. Dark Light Studio album by HIM Released 26 September 2005 Recorded Spring 2005 Studio The Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, California Length 45: 30 Label Sire Producer Tim Palmer HIM chronology And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997–2004 (2004) Dark Light (2005) Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 (2006) Singles from Dark Light " Wings of a Butterfly " Released: September 2005 "Vampire Heart" Released: November 2005 " Killing Loneliness " Released: February 2006 "Under the Rose" Released: 2006 Dark Light is the fifth studio album by Finnish gothic rock band HIM. Released on 26 September 2005, HIM began recording the album in March 2005 at the Paramour Estate is Los Angeles, California, with producer Tim Palmer, who had also mixed the band's previous album Love Metal. Dark Light also served as HIM's first worldwide release with Sire Records, with whom the band had signed with in September 2004. In Finland, however, the album was released under the band's own label Heartagram. Musically, Dark Light featured a more "polished" and "accessible" sound than previous albums, and was written as a cross between Black Sabbath and U2, also influenced by the work of composer Angelo Badalamenti. Dark Light received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many praising the writing and the band's performance, while some criticism was given to the second half of the album. Dark Light charted in fifteen countries, reaching number one in Finland, later going platinum, as well as gold in Germany, the UK and the US, making HIM the first Finnish artists to receive a gold record in the United States. Three singles were also released, with " Wings of a Butterfly " peaking at number one in Finland, and " Killing Loneliness " at number two. "Wings of a Butterfly" later received the award for "Song of the Year" at the 2005 Emma Awards, and was awarded at the 2007 BMI Pop Awards as well. During the album's world tour, HIM made their live debut in various countries, including Japan and Australia. Production In August 2003, HIM separated from BMG, after fulfilling their contractual obligations to the label. [1] In September 2004, HIM announced that they had signed a new recording contract with Sire Records, who would handle the band's future releases in Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. [2] In their native Finland, however, HIM's recordings would be released through the band's own Heartagram label. [2] In March 2005, HIM relocated to Los Angeles, California, to start work on their fifth studio album at The Paramour Estate, with producer Tim Palmer, who had previously mixed the band's fourth album Love Metal. [3] After two days of rehearsals, the band began recording drums, which were done in two days. [3] [4] This was followed by the bass, and then guitars and keyboards. [4] The band were faced with multiple distractions during the recording process, including dogs around the estate, as well as a Playboy video shoot. [3] Because of this, the studio equipment was moved upstairs for Ville Valo to record his vocals, while the other members of the band flew to Las Vegas with professional skateboarder and friend of the band Bam Margera. [3] In May 2005, HIM recruited Andy Wallace to mix the album; however, he was fired only a week later. [5] [6] [7] According to Valo, Wallace lost the "melancholia" in his mixes, explaining: "It sounded fucking good, but it sounded like radio-friendly American rock [... ] and we're not that. " [7] Thus, producer Tim Palmer was tasked with mixing the album at Electric Lady Studios in New York, after which the album was mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Sterling Sound. [7] [8] Originally planned as In the Nightside of Eden, the album's title was changed to Dark Light, because the band felt that the latter would be a more memorable title, seeing as how this would be HIM's first album to be officially released in Japan, Australia and North America. [7] The title Dark Light was inspired by a book of the same name by Mette Newth, and was also thought up as a play on words; Ville Valo's last name translates to "light", and "dark light" in Finnish would be "pimeä valo", which in turn would mean that Ville Valo was "mad". [9] Dark Light also continues the band's tradition of "contradictions in [album] titles". [10] [11] The cover art of Dark Light was designed by Matt Taylor and Sonny Gerasimowicz. [8] Music and lyrics According to Valo, the band entered the studio with the idea of creating a cross between Black Sabbath 's Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Achtung Baby by U2, and Dark Light has been described as more "polished" and "accessible" than HIM's previous albums. [7] [13] [14] The first half of the record was written long before entering the studio, while the second half was composed a month and a half prior, after Valo threw away much of the original material, because "it was too slow". [15] According to Valo, the band's approach on Dark Light was to make the songs sound more "cinematic, epic, and close to the listeners", inspired by the works of composer Angelo Badalamenti. [16] Valo also mentioned This Mortal Coil as an influence on the album's "spooky, eerie" sound. [17] Lyrically, Dark Light deals mostly with themes of "girls and boys and the politics of the heart". [11] "Vampire Heart" opens with a riff reminiscent of the theme to the 1978 film Halloween, while " Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly " was described by Valo as a "link between ' She Sells Sanctuary ' by The Cult and ' Billie Jean ' by Michael Jackson ". [10] [12] The lyrics were inspired by a legend of immortal souls possessing the wings of a butterfly, and talks about: "Whether you are willing enough to destroy something beautiful to gain yourself some power. " [10] According to Valo, the song was chosen as the first single from Dark Light, because it was "the perfect song to describe what's going to happen on the entire album", containing all the signature elements of the band's sound as well. [18] [19] " Killing Loneliness " was partly inspired by professional skateboarder Brandon Novak and his heroin addiction, and talks about the various ways people "kill their loneliness, and with what", while "Behind the Crimson Door" features Valo humming a poem by Finnish author Timo K. Mukka. [9] [20] Valo described "The Face of God" as " Achtung -era U2, with Queens of the Stone Age meeting the Satanic Bee Gees ", and "In the Nightside of Eden" as the " prog rock " song of the album, which also makes mention of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. [12] The band's cover of " Poison Heart " by the Ramones features claps by Sire Records' co-founder Seymour Stein and A&R executive Michael Goldstone. [9] Release and promotion HIM performing in Milan in September 2005 " Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly " (under the title "Wings of a Butterfly") was released as the first single from Dark Light in September 2005, charting in ten countries, including at number one in Finland, [21] number ten in Germany and the UK, [22] [23] and at number 19 on the US Alternative Chart. [24] A music video was also produced for the song. [25] That same month, HIM embarked on European club tour to prepare for the release Dark Light. [5] The album was released on 26 September 2005, and charted in sixteen countries, including at number one in Finland and Greece, [21] [26] number four in Germany and Austria, [22] [27] and number 18 in the UK and US. [23] [24] The album would eventually be certified platinum in Finland, [28] and gold in Germany, the UK, and the US, making HIM the first Finnish artist to receive a gold record in the United States. [29] [30] [31] The North American leg of the album's supporting tour for began in Portland, Oregon, on 5 October 2005, and continued until the end of November, with Skindred and Flinch serving as supporting acts. [32] In November 2005, "Vampire Heart" was released as a promotional singles from Dark Light. [33] For the 2005 edition of the band's annual New Year's Eve shows, the event was expanded into a festival and renamed Helldone. [34] The band were scheduled to begin a tour of the UK and Ireland in January 2006, but were forced to postpone it until February, after guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindström fractured his wrist after Helldone. [35] At the 2005 Emma Awards, HIM went on to win "Rock Album of the Year", and "Song of the Year" for "Wings of a Butterfly". [36] On 9 February 2006, HIM began a joint seven-date tour with The Rasmus and Negative across Central Europe, after which HIM continued through Southern Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. [35] [37] Also in February 2006, " Killing Loneliness " was released as a single, charting in five countries, peaking at number two in Finland. [21] Two music videos were produced for the song, the latter of which featured a guest appearance by tattoo artist Kat Von D. [38] [39] From May to June 2006, HIM toured the US with Aiden acting as support. [40] In August 2006, HIM were nominated by Kerrang! for "Best Band on the Planet". [41] In September 2006, HIM cancelled a forthcoming North American tour, in order to begin work on a new album. [42] "Under the Rose" was also released as the final promotional single from Dark Light in 2006. [43] In October 2007, Ville Valo was awarded at the BMI Pop Award for "Wings of a Butterfly". [44] Reception Professional ratings Aggregate scores Source Rating Metacritic 52/100 [13] Review scores Source Rating Rumba [45] Rock Hard 8. 5/10 [46] 8+/10 [47] musicOMH Positive [48] Soundi [49] Helsingin Sanomat Positive [50] Allmusic [14] Drowned in Sound 5/10 [51] Dark Light received mostly mixed to positive reviews from critics, with an average score of 52 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 10 reviews. [13] The New York Times described the material as "sturdier than ever", while Q called the album a "collection of irresistible pop-rock anthems". [13] Chris Ingold of musicOMH touted Dark Light as HIM's "most accessible album to date", containing "the powerful sense of identity and cohesion that has allowed the band to shamelessly rip-off all manner of classic rock moments yet always sound like themselves. " [48] Rumba' s Tapio Ahola gave the album five out of five stars, praising it as fulfilling the potential of the band, as well as featuring material "with more depth" than some of the group's other work. [45] Conny Schiffbauer of Rock Hard, who gave the album eight-point-five out of ten, called Dark Light a "successful album", giving praise to both the vocals and instrumentation, and likening the album to The Cult, Black Sabbath and U2. [46] Turkka Holmqvist of gave the album eight-plus out of ten, and called it "fresh" and a "positive surprise". [47] He did, however, comment on only half the album being up to par, but concluded that the album "takes the band back to the times when they were good on their own terms". [47] Vesa Sirén of Soundi described Valo's melodies as sounding even more like traditional Finnish schlager than before, and commended the arrangements as "precise" and "nuanced". [49] Sirén also felt that the second half of the album did not live up to the first, but still awarded Dark Light four stars out of five. [49] Tero Valkonen of Helsingin Sanomat was positive in his review, singling out "Wings of a Butterfly" and "In the Nightside of Eden" as particular highlights, but did still criticize the album for following the same formula as the band's previous efforts. [50] Allmusic awarded the album three-and-a-half stars out of five, and described it as "glossy and user-friendly". [14] Raziq Rauf of Drowned in Sound gave the album five out of ten, and called the album "unremarkable" yet "solid". [51] He praised Valo's performance, but criticized the material backing him as "dull" and "turgid backwash". [51] NME also described Dark Light as "wimpy", giving the album 40 out of 100. [13] Spin gave the album 25 out 100, and stated that Dark Light "gives new meaning to the phrase virgin sacrifice", while Stylus Magazine felt that "there’s nothing to get excited or exhilarated over" on the album, also giving the album 25 out of 100. [13] In 2016, the readers of Metal Hammer magazine voted Dark Light the second best metal album of the 21st century, second only to Babymetal 's self-titled debut. [52] In 2017, Valo revisited Dark Light and described it as a "pretty experimental record" for the band, stating: "Finnish melancholia was brought to the middle of the sunny city of angels, and we forcefully tried wed them. A good combination of the two. " [53] Loudwire later ranked Dark Light fourth in the band's discography, giving praise to the production and songwriting, while stating that "ultimately the 'dark' part of the title falls short of expectations. " [54] Kaaoszine ranked Dark Light as the second-best HIM album, stating: "Some albums are like a gateway to a dreamworld bigger than life. Dark Light is one of those records. " [55] Track listing All tracks written by Ville Valo, except where noted. No. Title Length 1. "Vampire Heart" 4:46 2. " Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly " 3:30 3. "Under the Rose" 4:50 4. " Killing Loneliness " 4:29 5. "Dark Light" 4:31 6. "Behind the Crimson Door" 4:37 7. "The Face of God" 4:36 8. "Drunk on Shadows" 3:49 9. "Play Dead" 4:36 10. "In the Nightside of Eden" 5:40 Total length: 45:44 Limited Edition bonus track No. Title Length 11. "The Cage" 4:17 Total length: 50:01 Japanese bonus track No. Title Writer(s) Length 11. " Poison Heart " Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 3:41 Total length: 48:58 Heartagram Internet Edition bonus tracks No. "Venus (In Our Blood)" 4:32 12. "The Cage" 4:17 Total length: 54:33 Gatefold vinyl bonus tracks No. "The Cage" 4:17 13. 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