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writed by Nunzio Randazzo, Nunzio Randazzo
runtime 1 Hours 12 Minute

review 12-year-old budding home video director Ralph begins accidentally taping over his parents' VHS wedding tape. As he overwrites the magnetic echoes of their pre-Ralph past, he commemorates his love affair with the format by using the versatile tape to make new memories of himself with his parents while also employing it to tape eccentric pioneers of late-night cable television. Shot entirely on VHS
cast Kerri Kenney, Mark Proksch

Fun Fact: Disney reverse engineered a human to play Ron in their Live action movie.


Vhyes free movie youtube. VHYes Free movie page imdb. Vhyes free movie free. Hayes free movie schedule. Come to mommy is the sequel. I like the stash and bowl cut. January 16, 2020 11:50PM PT An old camcorder tape harbors a jumble of ersatz ’80s home movies and broadcast clips in this lukewarm comedy-skit assembly. Its slim premise involving a couple of 13-year-old boys having fun with a camcorder in the late ’80s, “ VHYes ” is maybe a little too faithful to their sensibility — being exactly what a kid raised on “Saturday Night Live, ” “SCTV, ” and maybe cable broadcasts of “Kentucky Fried Movie” would imagine as the coolest home-made movie ever. It’s a freeform jumble of skits spoofing vintage broadcast series, commercials, public access shows, porn, and whatnot, their mildly surreal bent increasing as the short feature goes on. Duly shot on VHS and digital Betacam, this first feature for Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon’s son Jack Henry Robbins is an amiable goof deploying cameos by the ’rents as well as some other familiar faces. But it’s the kind of enterprise that will only seem as funny, clever, and “weird” as it means to be if watched while very stoned and/or adolescent. There are scattered laughs on offer, albeit nothing that hasn’t been done much better elsewhere, whether in “Putney Swope” half a century ago, in more recent viral sitcom hallucination “Too Many Cooks, ” or in the ongoing clip shows of the Found Footage Festival, which excavates real VHS-era oddities more hilariously strange than anything here. Oscilloscope is opening “VHYes” limited in U. S. theaters on Jan. 17. Conceived by the director, co-writer Nunzio Randazzo, and Nate Gold, the film starts with wedding and holiday home movies that we soon realize are being obliviously taped over by Ralph (Mason McNulty), whose parents (Jake Head, Christian Drerup) have given him a camcorder for Christmas 1987. Of course he immediately and obsessively starts filming anything and everything, with or without best friend Josh (Rahm Braslaw). But he also uses the device to record shows off television. Thus we see random snippets of children’s program “The Kindly the Cowboy Show, ” public access instructional “Painting with Joan” (Kerri Kenney playing the titular hostess), a different amateur cable slot with teen Charlyne Yi presenting musical guests in her basement, clone-themed sitcom “Ten of the Same, ” aerobic exercise forum “Blastoff, ” informercial and antiques-evaluation shows, et cetera. Among the better bits are a home-security-system advert that turns into a bloodbath, and a couple severely truncated XXX features (all the sex edited out), with an amusing Cameron Simmons as various brainless studs put to good use by lady scientists and sexy Swedish space aliens. There’s a bit of savvy commentary when a media expert interviewed on a talk show is dismissed as crazy for predicting a future in which people risk accidents and neglect their real lives in pursuit of compulsively filming themselves — i. e. our selfie-riddled present. The movie also arrives at a sort of narrative climax when our young protagonists investigate a “haunted sorority house” abandoned after a fire, suffering some “Blair Witch”-style frights there. But all this is pretty thin stuff, written with medium-watt inspiration at best and acted by performers variably able to make it seem better than it is. The best thing the film has going for it is editor Avner Shiloah’s scrambled channel-surfing assembly, which seldom sticks with any bit long enough for it to get too stale. Still, “VHYes” feels overextended even at the 66 slim minutes it takes to reach the final credits. The world at present is too over-saturated with pop culture satire (and unwitting self-satire) for this kind of sub-“Funny or Die” material to feel worth the effort, though a good time was surely had by all concerned. The global entertainment market — consisting of theatrical and home entertainment — has surpassed $100 billion in revenues for the first time in history, with earnings reaching $101 billion in 2019, according to a new report released by the Motion Picture Association. Worldwide box office receipts accounted for $42. 5 billion of that haul, setting a [... ] Northern Ireland’s biggest movie theater chain has introduced a mandatory “seat separation” policy, along with other measures intended to counter the growing spread of the coronavirus. A statement released Tuesday evening by Omniplex said that “after a thorough risk assessment and analysis of the global cinema market, ” the company would leave every second cinema seat [... ] Harvey Weinstein’s 23-year prison sentence has been met with hope in the U. K., where industry figures hope to see justice meted out for transatlantic victims of the disgraced movie mogul. Wednesday’s outcome has been hailed a major victory that will set a groundbreaking precedent for future cases. 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MOVIES 5:38 PM PST 1/15/2020 by Nate Gold/Oscilloscope Laboratories A hipster-retro 'Kentucky Fried Movie' with a phantasmagoric twist. 1/17/2020 Jack Henry Robbins, son of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, looks at the world through a short-attention-span montage of faux '80s television clips. Is it just an Eighties-drunk exercise in pastiche, or perhaps an experiment in slow-burn psychological horror for the Adult Swim crowd? Could it even be a disguised indictment of a generation that sat watching infomercials and dopey porn while its democracy passed the point of no return? Jack Henry Robbins' VHYes is a bit of all that, poured into a form that begs for midnight-movie consumption. The son of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Robbins briefly enlists both parents onscreen here, while relying more heavily on a small array of comic performers familiar from TV. Though hardly groundbreaking in either its content or its aesthetics, the film is more serious than it initially lets on, and can only benefit from the VHS nostalgia that has, often irrationally, taken root in some quarters. Shot entirely on VHS and Betamax, the pic's conceit is that it is the result of a Christmas gift whose recipient should have been more careful: When pre-teen Ralph (Mason McNulty) starts experimenting with his family's new video camera in December 1987, he unwittingly uses the tape of his parents' wedding as he runs around filming everything from fights between his dinosaur toys to his attempts to shoot off fireworks with best pal Josh (Rahm Braslaw). (Those who've actually used a camcorder may wonder how he managed to leave big swaths of wedding footage intact while recording stuff before and after; the not terribly-offensive cheat is necessary to support a theme the film will eventually get around to. ) Very quickly, Ralph realizes he can use a cable to record what's on TV; he plugs in and records a spree of channel-surfing that is hardly dictated by the merits of whatever happens to be onscreen. The clunky programs we witness sprinkle familiar faces among actors who look like they were plucked from the actual period. Thomas Lennon plays the co-host of a TV shopping network, currently hawking a Confederate Army memorial pen; the inimitably nerdy Mark Proksch plays an expert on an Antiques Roadshow -like program who explains the suspiciously bizarre origins of ordinary-looking artifacts. We see aerobics classes, nightly news and cop shows. We sit in on a Bob Ross-style painting tutorial that gets less Bob Ross-like with each passing minute. Its host Joan (Kerri Kenney) doesn't only host Painting With Joan, but stranger programs, like the unsettling Sleeping With Joan, which is pretty much the opposite of the gently wholesome Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep. While Joan and others give things an air of drug-addled discomfort, some program snippets contain hints of a more clear-eyed world view. The perfunctory scripts of porn films we see are built not around hunky cable-repair guys or pizza-delivery dudes, but scientists researching global warming, or blonde lesbian aliens who are forced to navigate American attitudes toward illegal immigration. Stranger and more on-target is a current-events talk show whose guest starts expounding on "Tape Narcissism": a phenomenon of indiscriminate self-documentation she feels will lead its victims to psychosis. To the show's host, her predictions sound so hyperbolic as to be insane; to us, she's describing the age of social media. So it goes, with occasional clips in which Ralph documents bits of domestic discomfort he doesn't quite understand. Viewers who stick with the ADHD skit-like material will be divided about whether this familial theme ties things together satisfactorily — and about whether sticking to a single target, a la Between Two Ferns, makes more sense for those who would mine clunky idioms for laugh. For those on the fence, a detour into found-footage horror will only complicate the question. Production company: Hot Winter Films Distributor: Oscilloscope Cast: Mason McNulty, Rahm Braslaw, Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, Mark Proksch Director: Jack Henry Robbins Screenwriters: Nunzio Randazzo, Jack Henry Robbins Producer: Delaney Schenker Director of photography: Nate Gold Production designer: Tyler Jensen Editor: Avner Shiloah 72 minutes.

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1:58 best intro of a title card ever. The most Guy Ritchie movie ever? I'm in. I'm so excited and glad about having a google alert for the movie I forgot about. VHYes Free. Homepage - VHYes A film by Jack Henry Robbins VHYES A bizarre retro comedy shot entirely on VHS, VHYes takes us back to a simpler time, when twelve-year-old Ralph mistakenly records home videos and his favorite late night shows over his parents’ wedding tape. The result is a nostalgic wave of home shopping clips, censored pornography, and nefarious true-crime tales that threaten to unkindly rewind Ralph’s reality. CRITICS SAY... “The comedy here is high enough that simply being funny would have been enough, but VHYES strives for meaning as well, which is what makes the film such a special delight. ” “Bounces along with the exuberance of its young hero and will remind you of the experience of trying to make sense of the world as a child. ” — Jennie Kermode, EYE FOR FILM “VHYES is filled with heartfelt hilarity. ” — Evan Saathoff, BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. “The sort of film that will seep into your consciousness and find its way into your dreams. Perhaps it will alter your perception of reality. Perhaps reality is less than this. ” CONTACT US BOOKING: Andrew Carlin 630-445-1215 PRESS: Sydney Tanigawa 212-219-4029 ext. 41 GENERAL INQUIRIES:.

He looks like a young Ron Swanson. Whenever a South African based story releases part of the fun is just watching the actors get the accent so wrong XD The default is always Australian which sounds nothing like an Afrikaans or White South African accent XD. Call Michael Scofield. This is that mans job. De s'approcher trop. Hayes free movie review. Does anyone else thing Charlie looks like Tom Hardy in this one. Vhyes free movies download. 1:42:16 - Trailer zu Spiral From the book of SAW. Looks super cool ! Cant wait to check it out 🤘🏻 But I need “My Generation “ by The Who playing in this trailer.

Hayes free movie download. Vhyes free movies 2017. Vhyes free movie theater. Courteney should make a song:ITS My turn On ThE XBOX. He may escape Pretoria but he will never escape being Harry Potter. Hayes free movie. | Nick Allen January 17, 2020 A sense of humor is a funny thing, especially for those of us who treasure the weird stuff. When something that's "out there" works, it’s true love. When it doesn’t, it’s like a bad date that had huge promise until it got underway. Jack Henry Robbins' “VHYes, ” with all of its nostalgia for late ‘80s TV and its endemic cheesiness, follows after the likes of Weird Al Yankovic's masterpiece " UHF, " Casper Kelly's endlessly loopable opening credits hellscape "Too Many Cooks, " and even the Kyle Mooney skits that are "cut for time" on "Saturday Night Live. " And while I adore all of those polarizing works, I didn't see what was funny about the shallow wackiness of "VHYes. " Advertisement Shot entirely on VHS and Betamax, the whole of "VHYes" is presented as the contents of a video tape, which was initially used to film the wedding for the parents of a young boy named Ralph ( Mason McNulty). When Ralph gets a camera for Christmas in 1987, and learns that he can record from the TV, it opens a world of possibilities. Namely, whatever he can find on the TV that is weird to him at the time. In one of its many abrupt, fuzzy cuts, an excited young Ralph jumps on his bed and says that he wants to create the ultimate video playlist, and soon into watching “VHYes” you accept that that’s all you’re going to get. Instead of feeling like the chaos of a found tape, “VHYes” assembles itself like a series of sketches that it can bounce between, with random peeks back at the original wedding video contents; it struggles to have a heart by intermittently making it a story about Ralph realizing the truth behind his parents' marriage. Some sketch set-ups are directly, lazily recognizable to TV history: one cop parody steals the red and blue text from “Law and Order” because you wouldn’t get that it’s meant to parody if it didn’t have that logo. As if a tell on its weak absurdity, "VHYes" has yet another parody on TV painting instructor Bob Ross (even after Deadpool did it), with a segment starring Kerri Kenney, who turns the zen of such a host into the mindset of a creepy person who believes in aliens. The very nostalgia within the concept becomes a pit, even when “VHYes” threatens to get truly weird. It’s not until the final minutes that the movie taps into the reality-bending that had been hinted at earlier, when Ralph started to see himself in the stuff he was watching, after one segment involved a VHS expert talking about the soul-suck that will be handheld recording in the future. Many parody sketches don’t have a discernible reference to build on (the recognition is what makes it initially funny), and instead rely on a shallow cheesiness. Even though "VHYes" features many dynamic funny people like Kenney, Thomas Lennon, Mark Prosch, Charlyne Yi, and Robbins' parents ( Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon), many of the characters in these sketches are so broad they aren't particularly clever. “VHYes” breaks the biggest rule of parody, over and over again: it simply tries way too hard with material that’s far too easy. That’s the case with an adult film bit that goes for low-hanging fruit of bad acting, as one guy is poorly reading cue cards in a late night movie about three alien women. Or there's an ongoing true-crime show about how a sorority thought one of their sisters was a witch because she did magic, which is a funny premise given a flat execution. The commercials that are thrown in the mix, like about a violent security company, or pads to sound-proof your bathroom, are like random splatters of paint whose only intention is to fulfill the project's obvious self-amusement. While “VHYes” is very much inspired by the media experience of 1987, it’s actually about a very modern hell: Your friend sits you down to show you something really funny on YouTube, but oh, no—they’ve misjudged your sense of humor. Now you’re stuck, watching all of it, trying to find something funny to offer a polite relief. I started to feel trapped by my obligation to watch something that could very well have been my type, but now I’m just grateful the filmmakers of “VHYes” didn’t watch me watch it in laughless silence. Reveal Comments comments powered by.

Thomas Lennon is a writer and actor from Oak Park, Illinois. He attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he was a member of the influential sketch comedy group The State. The State's hit television series ran on MTV for three seasons and received an Ace Award nomination for best comedy series. After his work on The State, he and his writing partner, Robert Ben Garant, created two more popular series: Viva Variety, which ran for three seasons and was also an Ace nominee for best comedy series, and Reno 911!, on which he also played Lieutenant Jim Dangle. Reno 911! ran for six seasons on Comedy Central. As an actor, Lennon has appeared in the films Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Dark Knight Rises, Le Divorce, Heights, Conversations with Other Women, Memento, 17 Again, I Love You, Man, Cedar Rapids, Knight of Cups, Bad Teacher, Harold and Kumar 3D and What to Expect When You're Expecting. On television he has been seen in How I Met Your Mother, Sean Saves the World, The Odd Couple, Drunk History, The Santa Clarita Diet and Lethal Weapon. In 2018, Lennon will appear in the feature films: A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Puppet Master, Half Magic, Dog Days and Clint Eastwood's The 15:57 to Paris. As a television writer, his credits include: The State, Reno 911!, Viva Variety and Strangers with Candy. On IFC's 2008 list of The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time, Lennon is the author of four: Monkey Torture, Porcupine Racetrack, Mind Match and $240 Worth of Pudding. Lennon and Garant have written numerous feature films together, including Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Reno 911! : Miami, The Pacifier, Balls of Fury and Hell Baby. In addition to writing films, Lennon and Garant co-authored, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, a book about the studio system that Anna Kendrick called "The Best Book about Hollywood... Hilarious and insanely accurate. " New York Times, By the Book December 1, 2016 Lennon lives in Los Angeles with his wife, the actress Jenny Robertson, and their son, Oliver. More.

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