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story=The inspiring story of a BMX champion who overcame an abusive childhood through the love and life lessons of his interracial foster family

Alex Ranarivelo

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Hadeel Reda, Alex Ranarivelo

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Level 1 Amatuer. I ride these bad boys for miles. Center your weight. Source:am pioneer level 2 I ride the shopping cart with my kid in it. People need to know their limits... and have some coordination. level 2 Dragging feet behind changes the center of gravity significantly. Get those feet on the rear bar of the cart! Source: Guy that regularly rides cart when leaving store. Kids (and especially wife) always annoyed. level 2 I work at lowes and can confirm this is the fastest way to get from one side of the store to the other. level 2 Ya I still do this as an adult, my watch my hate it, but walkings effort. level 2 He did center his weight - right over the rear axle. level 2 Can confirm centering of weight. Source: 80s kid level 2 Same bro shopping carts have high hp 😎👌 level 1 Ego deflated. Knees scraped. level 2 carts spaghetti.. am i doing this right? level 2 More than scraped, he's gonna be walkin funny for a minute level 2 He probably also scraped the palms of his hands. lol level 2 The joys of getting old and not being able to do what you once were able to:D level 2 Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. level 1 That’s why you keep your feet on the bottom and lean forward. He fucked up with the Mary Poppins fuckin leg kick behind him level 2 Fuck, you can even steer left or right applying your foot the either wheel. What a dick.

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