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Genres Thriller Namsan ui bujangdeul is a movie starring Byung-Hun Lee, Sung-min Lee, and Do-won Kwak. In the 1970s Korea is under the absolute control of the president Park who controls the KCIA the organization with the edge over any branch of Creators Min-ho Woo Do-won Kwak Directed by Min-ho Woo 64 Vote. Ang ganda dyaan i wanna go there kuna you for sharing.

Namsan ui deuler. Son of uuuuhhhh... When professor Oh said cable car it reminded me of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway lol :p. Namsan ui deulen. Namsan ui deulo. I have a lock there. somewhere. Namsan ui bujang deul links. I always die inside when Martina brings up Boys Over Flowers. [Author's notes in comments for translations and details. Enjoy! ] Near Banbridge town, in the County Down One morning last July Down a bóithrín green came a sweet cailín And she smiled as she passed me by. She looked so sweet from her two bare feet To the sheen of her nut brown hair Such a winsome elf, I'm ashamed of myself For the see of her standing there. Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines Assigned to the 76th MEU, TFSS James Mattis 23 years since first contact, 5 years until Operation Inchon The side doors of the UV-70 Mamba opened and I let my feet hang over the side. The trees below me were a blur as we flew past. A wave of hot air washed over me as I leaned my head out of the dropship. It was either from the planet’s tropical biome or the fact that half the colony was on fire. The crew chief to my left swung a 14mm machine gun out the door and loaded a belt into it with a satisfying thrwack. He leaned his own head out of the door to get his own bearings. He turned to us and held up 5 fingers and shouted, “FIVE MINUTES”. “FIVE MINUTES” shouted back the 12 Marines and one Navy Corpsman, all of us copying his gesture. “Hey O’Hare” said a German voice from behind me. I turned around to look at the source. Corporal Blucher was checking the Marines’ gear one last time. He turned after aggressively tightening down a strap on one of the boots who had apparently not secured his body armor well enough. “What the fuck are we supposed to do if you get shot first? ”. “I don’t know, have Doc Stevens fix me up? ” I replied. “Fuck no, stay next to me. Let Garcia take point since he wants to let his Scheiße hang loose” said the Prussian corporal as he pushed the well corrected PFC away and towards me. Not counting Doc, Blucher was the oldest one of us at 23, and he was an Old Corps salt dog to the bone. He didn’t take shit, but he didn’t give it either. He was a dick sure, but he was always right about it. “Aye corporal” Cùl tòna, I’ve been on that ship for months! I just want to get my feet back on solid ground already I complained as I heaved my legs back from the edge and took my place next to the squad leader. On paper a squad leader is supposed to be a sergeant and the assistant squad leader a corporal. But things don’t work the way they’re supposed to in the Marine Corps. They work the Marine Corps way in the Marine Corps! So, we were short on NCOs and making do with a corporal and a senior lance corporal as the assistant. “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to get some today” said the senior lance corporal in question. He depolarized his visor so I could see his shit eating grin. He was just as happy to be off the ship as we all were. The side of his helmet said, Don’t Panic!. He said he read it in a book once. Good advice I suppose. “But if you do take a round, we are kinda fucked” he added. “Ach you’ll figure it out Thompson” I said to the American. He was a bit more of an eejit, but he knew what he was doing most of the time. A comm link isn’t that hard to use! Everyone else just likes having a comm nerd to yell at. “THREE MINUTES” yelled the crew chief breaking me from my internal ranting. “THREE MINUTES” we all replied. I began taking inventory of my kit for the thousandth time. One M89A5 assault rifle, check. 6 spare magazines with 32 rounds of 5mm Terran Caseless each, check. One M77A2 pistol, check. 2 spare magazines with 18 rounds of 9mm Dillon each, check. One comm link with a tactical bracer, check. One field drone, check. Two frags, one flashbang, two marking beacons, and a rainbow of smoke grenades across my belt; check. One first aid kit, check. One mostly full hydration bladder, check. Some rat fucked MRE snacks, check. One ka-bar, check. One multitool and a roll of electrical tape, check. One semi crumbled pack of cigarettes plus a lighter, fucking check. Also, Blucher had me snag a thermite grenade incase this went “Mogadishu” on us. Whatever that means. All of that plus my helmet and body armor and this was turning into quite the load. Who’s fecking idea was it to give the 1. 6-meter 50 kilogram Irish girl all this gear? Oh right, mine when I dropped out of uni and enlisted. Sufficed that everything was still there I looked back through the open door. The Mamba had banked to the left and gave me a good view of the city without having to lean out of the damn thing. Ok maybe three quarters of the colony was on fire. Christ, this was the kind of shite that made the Taurans get all worked up at The Table. They were constantly crying about how “humans can’t be trusted”. How we are a race of undisciplined children that haven’t even left behind their regional identities. That it wasn’t right that a fledgling race be given free reign the of stars and colonization of unclaimed worlds. That our unchecked expansion invited these kinds of attacks. That we still weren’t ready. To be honest, they just sounded jealous. At least the Dracs and a few of the rest made good trading partners. “ONE MINUTE” “ONE MINUTE” A silence came over the inside of the dropship. It wasn’t out of fear or anything. Oh no, we were all too damn excited to be scared. You can’t stick a bunch of Marines on a ship with nothing to do but lift weights and masturbate for months and expect us to not want to kill something. Come to think of it they probably do it on purpose. When you take into account that my number one rule is “don’t fuck Marines in 1/9” and the fact that I can’t stand sailors long enough to get into bed with one, you can see what I had been directing my energy towards. When word came down that some pirates had torched a mining town and a bunch of civvies needed saving, we couldn’t get kitted up fast enough. Getting paid to kill a bunch of gigantic pieces of shite that zero people will miss? Fucking ‘rah. “THIRTY SECONDS” “THIRTY SECONDS” “Condition one weapons! ” ordered Blucher. The dropship was filled with the sound of slightly less satisfying thrwicks as we chambered rounds into our weapons. The digital round counter on my rifle read 32 to confirm that it was loaded. If I had the genetic predisposition for it, I probably would’ve been sporting a hard on. I almost felt bad for the dumb bastards. Almost. From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay From Galway to Dublin town No maid I've seen like the fair cailín That I met in the County Down. The engines roared as we approached the ground and the ship shuddered when the landing gear touched the surface. We spilled out of the side doors and formed into a semicircle in front of the ship, crouching and facing outward. No orders were needed, we had practiced this same maneuver dozens if not hundreds of times. The Mamba’s engines roared again as it took off and flew over and away from us, leaving us in a field that separated the colony from the planet’s massive rainforest. “O’Hare call it in” said Blucher. “Reaper 3 Actual, Reaper 3-1. We have reached phase line Budweiser and are pushing to phase line Busch” I said into my helmet’s integrated mic as I keyed my comm. Whoever comes up with these objective names needs to learn what a real beer is. Why can’t there ever be a phase line Guinness? Fucking yanks wouldn’t know a good pint if I shoved one up their arse. “Copy 3-1, out” replied the disembodied voice of our platoon commander. The other 2 squads of 3rd platoon reported themselves as well and the lieutenant responded accordingly. “Van Dusen your team takes point. Tokugawa, Petrov fall in behind, squad column. Let’s get a fucking move on! ” commanded Blucher. “Rah” “Yut” “Kill” responded the South African, Japanese, and Ukrainian team leaders respectfully. Again, they were supposed to be corporals, but experienced lance corporals could do the job just as well. “O’Hare you fucking pogue! What did I tell you? Stay next to me! ” shouted Blucher as we started to move out and form into staggered columns down a semi paved road surrounded by abandoned homes and storefronts. Everyone that hadn’t been already evacuated was held up at the government house with the rest of Charlie company. “Rah corporal” I prefer battery powered grunt thank you very much. “Thompson hang back with Doc and make sure everyone has their spacing” Blucher continued. “Slay bodies” “All Reaper 3 callsigns be advised, Reaper 6’s comms are down. Coordinate with Reaper 2 Actual. How copy, over? ” our lieutenant said. I checked my tac bracer and sure enough the CO’s callsign had dropped off the net. 1st, 2nd, and Weapons platoon were at least still up. Fecking hell Ali! Get your shite together, you’re making us comm guys look bad. “Copy”, said 3-2. “Lima Charlie”, said 3-3. “Solid copy”, I said. “Roger, out” “What the fuck did he say? It was cutting out” said an annoyed Corporal Blucher. “The CO’s comm is down. We’re talking to 2nd until they unfuck it” I answered. Blucher grumbled something in German and smacked the side of his helmet a couple of times. It doesn’t work like that but ok. Our helmets had integrated UHF comms for the squad level so we could talk outside of shouting distance, but anything beyond that needed a comm link. They had a feature where they could wirelessly connect to a nearby comm so the TCS (Tactical Communications Specialist that is) wouldn’t have to be constantly repeating what he heard like an ancient radio operator. But as we learned during field exercises in 29 Palms and on Luna it liked to shit out on you when you started moving. The link has 2 cables so that you can hook it up to your helmet and get a much more reliable connection. It’s good for the TCS but I would basically have to be piggybacking Blucher if he wanted to use the other one. We pushed further into the city towards the simple two story building that was our objective, keeping our eyes and ears open for any sign of trouble. The inferno continued to blaze and engulf more and more of the mining town. The sound of weapons platoon’s medium machine guns and enemy plasma weapons clashing were getting louder now. Every now and then I could hear them touch off a rocket and some grenade launchers. “What about your shortwave? ” I asked finally. “The cable gets in the way of my speed reloads” answered Blucher. A bhastaird bhreallghnùisigh! Why does everyone have to try and make my job harder? A shortwave was essentially a handheld comm link issued to officers and NCOs that you could fit into a pouch on the front of your plate carrier (or an empty magazine pouch if supply ran out). It didn’t have the same output as the bigger ones but it could do the job in a pinch. As she onward sped, sure I scratched my head, And I looked with a feelin' rare, And I says, says I, to a passer-by, "Who's the maid with the nut brown hair? " Well he looked at me and he said to me, "That's the gem of Ireland's crown. Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann, She's the star of the County Down. " As we approached an intersection Garcia gave the hand signal for a danger area. Again, no orders were needed as just about every Marine has done this thousands of times since boot camp. One fireteam pulls security while the other two get across. There are to be four Marines that have their weapons trained on either direction of the road, two on each side. I dropped down to a knee and took my post on the corner of a building, resting my rifle on the wall. Van Dusen was across from me mirroring my position. Blucher put a hand on my shoulder as Tokugawa’s team went across. “Alright send it”. “3 Actual, 3-1. We have reached phase line Busch and are approaching objective Icehouse”. This is an insult to real beer. “Copy 3-1, out”. Without taking my eyes off the road I was overcome with a sudden desire to be a cheeky cunt, “Ya know corporal, as soon as we get libo I-OH FUCK”. Before I could finish a figure stepped out of an alley and turned to me. It looked like a human, sort of. If a human had veiny beet red skin, completely black eyes, no ears save for the holes on either side of its head, coarse fur like hair, a squashed rectangular nose, 4 fingers and the body of a tall dwarf. Not like a little person but like a proper mythical dwarf. It seemed very surprised to see me. It was carrying a plasma rifle and was wearing a strange x-shaped harness on its chest over a red jumpsuit. Its black eyes went wide, and it opened its mouth of shark like teeth as if to say something. I quickly decided that I had no intention of hearing its opinions as it raised its weapon at me. I fired 3 rounds in rapid succession. Two to the chest, one to the pelvic girdle. My rifle’s integrated suppressor muzzling my shots to a quick phwip. The harness must’ve been some kind of personal shield because a flash of light emitted from the alien pirate as my first rounds tore into it. Probably designed to redirect energy from plasma weapons, not absorb a 5mm fin stabilized discarding sabot at 10 meters traveling just a bit over Mach 3. Surprise fecker! You’re dealing with proper Human weapons now you gobshite! My third shot into its pelvis dropped it like a bag of hammers and it laid on the ground gurgling in a pool of black blood. Van Dusen shot it twice in the head for posterity’s sake. “HOLY FECKING SHITE I GOT ONE! ” I yelled. I just popped my cherry! Not the gross awkward one with all the blood but the fun cool one with all the blood. “Keep your fucking pants on O’Hare! ” said Blucher. “Let’s fucking go Petrov! Get your Marines across! ” He pumped his forearm vertically up and down, the hand signal for "hurry the fuck up". “At least we know who it is now, bru. Fucking Kats! ” chimed in Van Dusen. As if on que to defend their honor from the Afrikaner’s insult more Katavarian pirates began appearing from further down the road. I flicked my rifle off safe again as Blucher, Van Dusen, and I poured fired down the road. The Kats seemed woefully unprepared to have been caught in the middle of a Terran Federal Marine Corps infantry platoon’s advance. They were firing wildly as we cut them down, their shields doing little to protect them from our high velocity rounds. Red faces were appearing from around alleys and behind windows trying to take potshots at us. Christ, were these guys taking a fecking nap when we showed up? For every flash of red that I saw I fired 2-3 rounds. Sometimes I’d be rewarded with a flash of a broken shield and an alien howl, other times they’d duck out of the way before I got a good sight picture. It did seem like I was drawing more than my fair share of their ire, probably on account of the antenna sticking out of my back that said “Look at me! I’m important! ”. Van Dusen fired his under barrel grenade launcher into a store front where some of them had set up a firing position. No doubt taking cover when they realized their shields were doing fuck all. The 40mm HEDP shell exploding in their face was our way of saying “nice try but still get fucked”. “No shit it’s Kats! It’s always fucking Kats! ” said Doc Stevens as he ran across. The Katavarians barely had a presence at The Table. Their government was a powerless operation that just existed to say “oops sorry what can we do” whenever another pirate band attacked shipping lanes or colonies. And as the newest race to discover FTL technology it was mostly us that fell victim to their attacks on our outer colonies. And to be quite frank, we were getting very tired of their shit. Like today. “At least their physiology is pretty similar to ours” he added as he got across and took a position next to Van Dusen. I put a burst into one of them that had appeared on a roof holding a shoulder fired weapon. It fell to the ground in a heap. “Can you translate that to crayon, bru? ” quipped Van Dusen. He knew what he was talking about but he just liked being a prick. Especially to navy guys. “Bloody hell, their important bits are the same as our important bits” sighed the HM2 from Liverpool. “Yeah, I kind of figured that out when I shot one in the head and it fucking died, Doc. Thompson hurry it up! ” said Blucher as he slammed a fresh magazine into his rifle. The Kats’ fire was slowing down now, and it seemed as if they had decided that discretion was the better part of valor. I guess that’s what happens when you go from raiding colonies with token Planetary Guard forces to facing a bunch of grunts that have had nothing to do but think about killing for the past 2 months. “Last Marine! ” said Thompson as he touched my shoulder and ran past, letting me know that he was the last one in the formation to cross behind us. “O’Hare call it in and let’s get moving” ordered Blucher. “Copy”, I keyed my comm “3-2, 3-1. Be advised we have engaged a reinforced squad sized element. They are breaking contact and oscar mike to your pos. How copy over? ” “Solid copy 3-1, we’ll be waiting for them” “Roger, out”. I couldn’t help but smile under my helmet. Imagine the look on their faces when they run into more Marines! “Ok O’Hare your turn! ” I sprinted across and relieved Van Dusen. Seconds later Blucher came across and touched my shoulder. “Last Marine” he sighed. “Ok are we good to go? Team leaders? ” The three team leaders responded positively that their Marines were in fact alive and had all of their important bits. “Alright form it back up and let’s double time it” ordered our squad leader. We have reached objective Icehouse and are setting up overwatch”. “Good to go 3-1, out”. As I touched off a marking beacon to confirm to everyone all the way up to the Mattis where we were Blucher cursed and smacked the side of his helmet again. “Still? ” I asked. “Yeah... ” he admitted. “Here let me fix it. Hold still feisì ” I said, adding my Gaeilge when he began to protest. “The fuck did you just call me? ” spat Blucher. “Nothing at all Corporal! ” I quickly answered. Oops. “ Du Fickfehler ” he answered. Despite the exchange he let me get to work. I grabbed the end of the cable from the shortwave under his left armpit and pulled out and under his arm to get it as far away from his mag pouches as I could. I ran it back up to his helmet and plugged it into the port under where he had written “ Kerle, wollt ihr ewig leben? ”. He held up a thumb when he heard the rest of 3rd platoon reporting their positions. Corona and Miller? Janey Mac I’m surrounded by heathens! “What’s so hard about cursing in English? ” asked Thompson. “It’s so much more fun in Irish! ” I said hoping Blucher wasn’t paying attention. “If you have 40 ways of saying “fuck you” why would you use just the one? ” chimed in Lance Corporal Singh, our designated marksman. I gave her a fist bump and laid down in between her and Blucher. She had something in Sanskrit written on her helmet. I ought to ask her what that means. Thompson nodded at this response and went back to looking at what we all were. Objective Icehouse was a simple two story building with a flat roof. The only thing special about it was that orbital imagery from the Mattis indicated that it gave us a pretty good over watch position to the government house. 2nd and 3rd squads got similarly positioned buildings. I was on the roof with Blucher, Thompson, and Singh. The rest of the squad was set up on the floor below us or on street level. From here we could see the rest of Charlie Company exchanging fire with what was left of the Kats. Tracers streaked out from the government house towards assortments of buildings the pirates were firing back from. They must’ve started to wise up because they were holding back at a range that their shields might’ve done something now. They were firing back with whatever heavier plasma weapons and lasers they had. It wasn’t doing much though, and they were starting to try and push forward. They had to have been getting desperate. Stuck between an advancing inferno that they started, and an infantry company that they pissed off, with their extraction burning up in the atmosphere. Their only hope for salvation was to flee into the rainforest and hope they could call for another pirate band that could use the numbers before more Marines came and mopped them up. I bet whatever unobtanium this colony was mining doesn’t sound worth it anymore. It used to be that they would just surrender at the first sign of trouble or cut their loses and flee. But we stopped handing Kat prisoners back over when we found out we had captured the same band half a dozen times just for the joke of the Kat government to release them and have them back attacking us. Not anymore, new procedure was to treat every Kat vessel as a potential threat and engage the confirmed ones at every opportunity. Provided they didn’t have any hostages outright destroying them was the best option. This made some of the other races get all jittery (especially the Taurans) but fuck them. If the want to attack us they can turn big rocks into little rocks on Mars for all eternity. So, most of the company had landed after the rest of the battalion got who they could, and we were held in reserve to cover their push to the last evac site. The plan was to cover them, hold off whatever the Kats threw at us while the engineers cleared a landing zone for the Albatrosses, and then get the fuck out. “Get the drone up. I don’t want any more fucking surprises” said Blucher. “Roger” I answered fishing the field drone out of its polymer case. Its four propellers sprang out and spun to life as I activated it from my tac bracer. The hummingbird sized device flew out of my hand and in front of our position. With my bracer I controlled its movements and got a visual from it’s on board camera. Normal visuals weren’t doing me any good, so I switched over to thermals and was greeted with a white hot screen. The fire along with the planet’s climate was overloading the system. I turned down the sensitivity until I got a good visual of my surroundings. A Kat’s internal body temperature was a little higher than that of a human. This made them all that easier to spot them on thermals. First, I swept the buildings directly in front of us. Nothing. Then I started branching out. Block by block, darting my little drone up and down alleys and streets looking for Kats that thought they could hide. Eventually, I found something. About 200 meters up and to the right of us. In another two story building was a blob of orange and red. “Corporal I got something” I said without looking up from my bracer. The heat was enough to be a Kat, but it looked all wrong. Like it had two heads or something. From what I could tell it looked to be crouched or sitting in a closet in the center of building away from any doors or windows. I tried getting inside but with all the windows and doors closed there was nothing I could do. Fuck. “Let me see” Blucher said crawling over to me. I held out my forearm for him to see and he studied it for a moment. “Eh it’s probably one of those fuckers trying to hide out. Either way it’s out of the way of the extraction route and if it suddenly gets brave Singh can perforate it from here”. Singh put up a “rock on” hand signal at this. “But Corporal what if- “ “No” “Corporal I really think- “ “Shut the fuck up, Lance Corporal! ” Thompson put a hand on my shoulder, “What happens if we send out a team and they get bogged down out there? What happens if we get rushed and we’re not at strength? What happens if we send out some Marines and they get chopped up just to find it’s another Kat? Everyone is supposed to be at the government house”. I turned to look at him and frowned. His eyes were worried and doubtful. He was thinking the same thing I was. But he was right. And so was Blucher. As much of an arsehole as he was, he didn’t want to go home with 8 Marines in his squad instead of 12. But things don’t work the way they’re supposed to. “C’mon get your head in the game” said Singh playfully smacking my helmet. Yeah ok, it’s nothing. Gotta be here in the now. I marked the building on my map and went back to looking through my rifle. “All Reaper 3 callsigns you are clear to engage” “Light them the fuck up! ” commanded Blucher. With that the 12 Marines and one Corpsman in Objective Icehouse began suppressing the more threatening sources of Katavarian fire. To our left and right the Marines in Objectives Corona and Miller were doing the same. Singh’s M109 DMR was spitting out 7. 5mm Martian polymer cases with a dull fwup. I switched my optic from 1x to 4x so I could get a better look at what we were shooting at. The Kats’ shields were doing them some good at this range. It took 2 good hits for their shields to drop. It was hard to get good targets though so most of us were just trying to suppress the buildings, puffs of dust kicking up from our rounds hitting the walls. I would’ve put my weapon on burst or even auto if I thought that I wouldn’t burn through the rest of my mags. I did get to see some of Singh’s shots “canoe” a few of them so that was nice. But even though they were redirecting some of their guns to us it wasn’t enough to take the heat off the government house. “MAAWS? ” Thompson asked anxiously. “MAAWS” agreed Blucher. “Fuck yeah! Hey get that fucking MAAWS up here! ” Thompson yelled down the staircase, not that he had to with the internal comms. He was just excited. I heard Petrov yelling Ukrainian obscenities at his Marines to sprint up the stairs. And I’m the one that has to keep her pants on? Two Marines raced out of the staircase and took a knee behind us. One holding the Man portable, Antitank, Antipersonnel, Weapon System and the other taking a bundle of 70mm rockets off his back. “2 Actual, 3-1. Be advised we’re engaging with our MAAWS” I said into my mic. “A-firm 3-1. Standing by to give you BDA” replied 2nd Platoon’s commander. “You know which one you’re shooting at right? ” asked Thompson. “Yes, Lance Corporal” replied the rocket team. Fucking boots. They were the same rank technically but “billet before rank” and all that. Blucher, the micromanaging kraut that he is, wasn’t convinced and said, “Singh put some tracers on it”. She promptly retrieved a fresh magazine that had a strip of red electrical tape on it. She replaced the magazine she already had loaded with it and chambered a round. She fired two rounds that glowed as they flew towards the building we were engaging. The two Marines nodded their heads. “Hey, load a thermo” Thompson said to the assistant gunner. Blucher looked at him as if to say “really? ” but didn’t continue. This was going to be fun. The assistant took out a rocket with a thick orange band from the case. He twisted the tip and loaded it into the rear of the weapon. Once it was in, he then tapped the gunner’s helmet twice to confirm the weapon was armed. Now it was up to the gunner. The scope on the MAAWS had a range finder and a targeting computer so the gunner didn’t have to sling rockets at his target until he got it right. It told him exactly were to hold based on the distance to the target, angle of attack, and munition being fired. All he had to do was hold it steady and pull the trigger. “On target! ” announced the gunner. “CLEAR BACKBLAST! ” “BACKBLAST CLEAR! ” confirmed his assistant. “ROCKET! ” PWOP FWOOOOOOOM The 70mm thermobaric rocket streaked out from the Marine’s shoulder and over our heads. My eyes were glued to it in anticipation. What’s great about thermobaric weapons is that they don’t just explode, they implode. It works by igniting the oxygen in the air, which results in a vacuum. The air in the immediate atmosphere will then come rushing in. This has the effect of sucking anything in in the immediate vicinity. Like walls. Also, apparently, they contain some kind of chemical that if exposed to it too often will give you cancer. But that’s for the VA to worry about. The shot couldn’t have been more perfect. The rocket shot straight through a window and into the building. First the explosion, igniting the available oxygen and burning the Kats’ lungs from the inside. And then the implosion. The walls of the house caved in on themselves and the whole thing came down. If anything in there wasn’t already dead, it was now. Eleven Marines and one Navy Corpsman roared in excitement as our target was turned into a pile of dust and rubble from the inside out. Second and Third squads must’ve gotten the same idea because rockets streaked out from their positions towards their targets. “Good fucking shit boots! ” applauded Thompson. “Aye Lance Corporal! ” “Lock it up! Lock it the fuck up! ” commanded Blucher when our celebrating went on for a second too long. “Good hit 3-1, position destroyed, estimate 10 EKIA. Pushing Reaper 4 to you now. ” “Copy, out. Corporal you get that? ” I said turning my head to Blucher. He put up a thumb in affirmation. Yeah that’s right fecker I know I’m good at my job. Weapons platoon began spilling out of the government house and double timed it up the main road towards us. First the machine gun section, then mortars, and finally engineers. They would bolster our defenses while the engineers secured a landing zone. The Albatrosses needed a lot of space. Then the rest of the company would move the civvies knowing they were under a protective blanket of machine guns, mortars and rifle fire. The gunners were moving hard with their guns on their shoulders and their assistants following behind laden with belts of ammunition and spare barrels. Squads started breaking off from the section and one headed towards our position. A machine gun squad consisted of two machine guns with two Marines per gun plus a squad leader. In this case all of these Marines were lance corporals in true Marine Corps fashion. “Marines coming in! ” announced the machine gunners one after another as they entered our building. Soon a burst raced out from the floor below us. “GUN ONE UP! ” Another burst. “GUN TWO UP! ”. With that the 7. 5mm general purpose machine guns began their dance of death. One gun would fire a burst of 6 rounds, and then the other gun would take over. This way, it was a constant stream of fire without eating up all their ammo. While one team was loading. The other was firing. While one was changing barrels, the other was putting rounds down range. The GPMGs weren’t suppressed like our rifles, so it was quite the racket. But the noise was gas sometimes! Sometimes I think I should’ve chosen 0331 but then I see their platoon sergeant make them do gun drills all day and I think better of it. One bad decision is enough thank you very much. We watched their tracers speed towards the Kats that had fancied themselves brave and were setting up on the rubble. The guns caught a few in the open with the opening bursts and the rest dove for cover. We followed suit and began picking off those we could while the machine guns kept them suppressed. At this range Singh got most of the good hits but every now and then the rest of us would catch one. First and Second Platoons started moving now. Along with them were battered looking civilians, constables, and planetary guardsmen. The Marines surrounded them as they moved down the street. Some of them were carrying their wounded. Others were carrying their dead. I had to give it to those “parental guidances”. They didn’t have our training or equipment (some of these guys had M89A1s! ), but this was their home. And they weren’t leaving it without a fight. Aside from the Marines the procession was quite the clusterfuck. Wounded constables and guardsmen hobbling along. Families holding their children and whatever possessions they were able to grab. And these are only the people that made it. The crowd finally got to us and the Marines started reinforcing positions or securing the civilians while the Corpsmen got to work on the wounded. The mortarmen finally got to work and started shelling the government house with their 60mm tubes so the Kats couldn’t use it. No doubt they had their guns preset and were just waiting for everyone to get clear. “LANCE CORPORAL O’HARE! ” called a voice from street level. “Better go” sighed Blucher. Fuck me. I stood up and quickly made my way down and out of our house. I was greeted by the sight of our CO, Captain DuBois, and a very confused looking tactical communications specialist. And the sound of the engineers blowing down trees and buildings with det cord. “Kill sir” I said trotting up to him. “Excellent, would you please assist Lance Corporal Ali with getting comms back up” said the French officer. “On it sir” I answered trying not to sound like a cunt about. Ali was fiddling with his bracer when I took a knee next to him. “I don’t know what happened! It just dropped data all of a sudden! ” he said. I grabbed his arm and turned it so I could look at his screen. “Rinne tù margairlì crànach de” I whistled looking at the absolute hell of a readout. “What? ” Ali asked. I sighed and started punching through the options, “Did you load the encryption keys before you loaded the frequencies? ” “…no” he admitted. “You have to! If not, sometimes the data won’t take, and it’ll just drop after a few hours”. “Why does it work like that? ” “How the feck should I know? It just does! Look, do you have backups? ” “No” “Jesus wept”, fucking headquarters nerds. I pulled a cable out from my own bracer and plugged it into his. I was sure to upload the encryption keys first and show him what I did. “Grand, now get comm checks”. You’re lucky I like redundancies fecker. The captain laughed the kind of laugh officers do whenever they want to feel heroic. “Corporal Blucher! ” The Prussian’s helmet poked out over the edge of the roof, “Yes sir? ” “You are no longer allowed to have O’Hare to yourself! She will be my personal TCS from now on! ” “Aye sir” Blucher said dejectedly, there was a reparations joke in there somewhere. Fucking hell, I hate being dependable. I can deal with the kraut and the yank but if I have to follow some frog shiny around all day I’ll go mental! I took a look around the area that Charlie company had occupied. The CO was talking to the Mattis and trying to look like he knew what he was doing. The XO was pretending like he mattered. And First Sergeant was yelling at the mortarmen. In that regard everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be. Then my mood changed. There were families comforting their children. People were looking at what was left of their lives in their hands. They had it good here and a solid future for their kids and now they would be refugees until they found somewhere else. I saw Doc Stevens and some other corpsmen triaging the wounded. There were kids among them. Their bodies were scarred by plasma burns. The Kats didn’t have rules of engagement. If they weren’t going to take you as a hostage, they didn’t have use for you. And these are the ones that made it. “O’Hare if you’re done get the fuck back here! ” “Rah Corporal! ” [Continued in comments].

Galing NG pagka edit at yng music ganda.
Muito interessante Parabéns.

Namsan ui deule.

Lupinus Virtual Games is a Virtual Gaming group consisting of four girls - Ichinose Uruha, Sumire Kaga, her younger twin sister Nazuna Kaga, and Kogara Toto. Debuting with two initial members at 2018 and the other 2 in early 2019, the four girls focus on streaming video games - particularly shooters - rather than the more varied streaming topics of other groups. PUBG and Apex Legends rank amongst their most played games, though they are not particularly restricted to any type. They also have an excellent animated short, ' A story of 0. 2 Seconds ' with backgrounds drawn by Chigu, 3D animation and directing done by Yasugen, and the singing done by Ryushen. Nazuna Kaga, who has been mentioned in this community recently, is the first to debut amongst the Lupinus Virtual Gamers, debuting one day before her older twin sister Sumire Kaga. According to herself, she speaks English, and is currently in the middle of studying the language, though seeing as she plays CS:GO highly frequently, English probalby isn't thr only one she should be learning in order to communicate efficiently cyka with foreign teammates. Interestingly enough, most of the Lupinus girls have introduced their rooms and setups through videos before, though they make sure not to record their own bodies while doing so, instead opting for standing character cards. Nazuna’s room is plastered with images of herself, and is pink themed. She’s also covered the OP for Umaru-Chan, which is a fitting song for her character. Sumire Kaga, Nazuna’s older twin sister, has a softer voice in comparison to Nazuna. From her room introduction, her and Nazuna’s rooms are next to one another and she has a gigantic stuffed crocodile with a recorder in her room. Sumire and Nazuna have a short video opening that can be seen in many streams, such as in this PUBG Collab with Kanae. And like any Vtuber, she has played the recently released 夜勤事件, to great effect. Personally, I find her reactions during gameplay to be entertaining, and as a guy who shrieks upon dying in Apex, it’s always good to know that I’m not alone in getting the nervous giggles when shot. Kogara Toto is a girl who, like her name suggests, likes birds very much. Her room shows this too, as there are multiple bird statues arrayed neatly near to her streaming setup, all six of which have been given names by her (mostly food names, such as Caramel, Grape, Chocolate, Mary, and Sunflower). The Lupinus Gamer who sings the most frequently amongst the four, her karaoke streams are collected in a playlist here, and she has done a cover of 声. Additionally, she’s a PUBG Japan Official Partner, which is the game she likely plays the most alongside Apex Legends. Ichinose Uruha, otherwise known by many here through her “angry girl” video clips, is the only Lupinus Gamer without a room introduction video (likely because her room layout is funky, with 2 beds that she alternates sleeping in, amongst other reasons). More aloof and abrasive than some, her streaming style is highly casual and laid-back, which personally lends to the fact that she finds interacting with her viewers to be much more similar to interacting with her own friends. For her subscriber count, she gathers a very dedicated viewer following that can break 1000 frequently - which is all the more impressive considering she’s slightly south of 40k subscribers at this moment. Featured in translated clips here, here, and here by Rezado Subs, Uruha collaborates frequently with multiple VTubers outside of the Lupinus Virtual Gamers, with the afore-featured Seto Miyako, Shirayuri Lily,, Kanae,, Shirayuki Reid,, and Yoruno Yui, and plays Apex Legends primarily. All in all, the Lupinus Virtual Gamers can be seen in stark contrast to the Hanayori Girls Dorm group that was featured last week. Whereas the Hanayori girls are much more casual in their streaming schedules and styles, and focus primarily on singing and more casual, laid-back games, the Lupinus Virtual Gamers are a group that is very much focused on First-Person Shooters. The four scrim together on a frequent basis, and squad up in 4-man squads in PUBG for collaboration streams, in which their comms are effective and informative (usually). If you like to watch people play games and chat, rather than chatting and playing games, the Lupinus girls are a good pick to consider. Links LupinusVirtual Games YouTube Channel Lupinus Virtual Games Twitter Ichinose Uruha YouTube Channel Ichinose Uruha Twitter Nazuna Kaga YouTube Channel Nazuna Kaga Twitter Sumire Kaga YouTube Channel Sumire Kaga Twitter Kogara Toto YouTube Channel Kogara Toto Twitter Fanart Highlights Sumire and Nazuna by みすみ Kaga Twins by みすみ Selfie by みすみ Ichinose by 長部トム Wメガネ by にご 小雀ととさんとビッグゴンザレス by 岩元空 Sources Editor Notes Thanks and full credit goes to /u/chinesemaple for writing this week's spotlight. If you have a VTuber you want featured for next week's spotlight or if you want to help write one, then feel free to comment about it below and we'll figure something out. Also here are the threads created by /u/TheBlackJett over the past week introducing other VTubers: Musubime Yui: An Egosa, Babiniku fanatic AVATAR 2. 0 Vtuber Guriko Egako: Room Illustrator Vtuber with a S***posting Tweet Hima Shokudo: Duo Store Owner Ikemen Vtuber Narukami Sabaki: A Vtuber who really love to hated and leaked information Caname and Haruky: 2 Childhood Friend Vtuber Nanase Taku: Quintessential Ikemen Vtuber and V-Singer Previous Spotlights: Tenjin Kotone: February 16, 2020 Eilene and her Family - February 23, 2020 Hanayori Girls Dorm - March 1st, 2020.

What is better than listening to BTS? Watching them sing. Fangirled when I heard call me baby intro. Done bro. Namsan ui deula. Namsan ui deul. Oh my gosh, Running Man filmed there.


Hi, Jasmine! Greetings from Sichuan <3

Go SooJung is the actress in this MV, she passed away and was held a private funeral on February 9. A beautiful girl, good acting and also acted in Goblin. Rest in place, angel. Martina you look really pretty with those circle lens. makes me feel like getting some. :heart_eyes. Lagu sedih sangat. Hahaha. Sebak pulakk. Enjoy :heart. Are you still working as a pilot? I thought you were switching to the Pro life. Very very very helpul. Love it kak lily. :relaxed. How did you do the wavy text at 0:06 reminds me of IAMKARENO. Please respond I rlly want to know how. Selalu seneng dan suka klo liat vlog ny ka zhiee 😊. Can you make travel reco for seoul tour? For artsy people, for shopaholics, for foodies and for kiddie wonderland.

She added Yoongi's audition tape. Lmao 😂😂😂😂. I love this video. Best muzik tuu ost goblin. YOUR video's first screen was Heaven 👏👏👏👏👏. I can't describe I'm Soo much Happy today 👈. God Bless you Soo much 👍. Do you know about India's New Prime Minister #narendramodi ✌. Namsan ui deulla. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 100% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 9 The Man Standing Next Ratings & Reviews Explanation Movie Info In the 1970s, Korea is under the absolute control of the President Park (LEE Sung-min) who controls the KCIA, the organization with an edge over any branch of government. The director of KCIA, KIM Gyu-pyeong (LEE Byung-hun), is the seemingly most prospective second-in-command. In the midst of reign of fear, a former KCIA director, PARK Yong-gak (KWAK Do-won) who knows all about the government's obscure operations, exiles to the U. S. where the investigation of 'Koreagate' is underway. As the tension escalates, the stifling political maneuvering by the all second-in-command's unfolds. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Runtime: 114 minutes Studio: Showbox Cast Critic Reviews for The Man Standing Next Audience Reviews for The Man Standing Next The Man Standing Next Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Namsan ui bujangdeult. WowW! Thank you for the field trip. A copy from paris.




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